Why Research at UCL SSEES?

Library shelves
  • An extensive array of training courses in social science methodology, humanities (and some languages) is provided by SSEES.
  • Paid teaching experience is often available.
  • Regular opportunities to present research at seminars within SSEES and externally.
  • Opportunities for field work in the SSEES region.
  • The department has close ties with UK and overseas universities.
  • An active research seminar and conference programme, with talks from leading scholars in our disciplines.
  • A large and vibrant community of postgraduate students across our disciplines.
  • Access to the UCL and the SSEES library, one of the leading research libraries in the UK for the study of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  • Location in Bloomsbury, London: close to British Library, British Museum, University of London Library and other prominent research centres.
  • The opportunity to contribute to two major student-run ventures:
  • Slovo, which publishes articles and book reviews written by research and Masters students as well as established scholars.
  • Postgraduates at SSEES co-organize the International Postgraduate Student Conference, which is held every second year at SSEES (and at other universities around the world in alternate years).