SEESGS53 Baltic Politics and Society (2014-15)

UCL Credit Value: 15

ECTS Value: 6

Term 2

Module Coordinator: Dr Allan Sikk
Weekly Contact Hours: 2.0
Prerequisites: None


2 Hour Examination (50%) 1500 word coursework (50%)

Module Outline

This MA course aims to analyse the development of national identity and statehood in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in various stages of their histories: as part of the Romanov Empire, during the first period of independence, as part of the USSR and during the second period of independence after 1991. Throughout the course we will seek to discover the sources of political power in the Baltic States and understand the relationship between power, legitimacy and identity.

Particular attention will be paid to the changes set in train by resumption of independence in 1991 and this part of the course will analyse issues relating to nation-building; citizenship and integration; political institutions and party politics ;the politics of foreign policy; the politics of socio-economic change; EU and NATO enlargement and the problems of post-Enlargement. No prior knowledge is expected and there are no pre-requisites for the course.

Please note: This outline is accurate at the time of publication. Minor amendments may be made prior to the start of the academic year.