Masters Modules

Economics & Business Modules

History Modules

SEESGH06 - Little Hitlers? Right Radicalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1900-1945
SEESGH16 - The Crisis Zone: Central Europe 1900-1990
SEESGH73 - The Culture of Russian Revolutionary Terrorism 1866-1914
SEESGH01 - Fashions, Folly and the Fatherland in Polish Culture, 1730-1834
SEESGH13 - The Soviet Cultural Experiment I, 1917-1945
SEESGH72 - Russian Monarchy: Court Ritual and Political Ideas, 1498-1917
SEESGH08 - Metropolis: History of Berlin 1871-1990
SEESGH12 - Religion in South-Eastern Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism
SEESGH07 - Historical Methods and Approaches

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Languages & Culture Modules

Culture Modules

SEESGE18 - All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central &Eastern Europe from Stalin to Present
SEESGE09 - Bakhtin and others: Alterity, Identity and Dialogue
SEESGE16 - Folly, Disaffection and Dystopia in Twentieth-Century Hungarian Literature
SEESGE11 - History, Myth and Nation in South Eastern Europe
SEESGE20 - The Jews in Polish Culture: Beyond Stereotypes
SEESGE08 - Walter Benjamin: Philosophy, Aesthetics, History, Politics
SEESGE94 - Linguistic Methods
SEESGE95 - Literary and Cultural Theory

Bulgarian Language

SEESGE70 - New Language: Bulgarian

Czech Language

SEESGE71 - New Language: Czech
SEESGE61 - Intermediate Language: Czech

Estonian Language

SEESGE80 - New Language: Estonian
SEESGE90 - Intermediate Language: Estonian

Finnish Language

SEESGE72 - New Language: Finnish
SEESGE62 - Intermediate Language: Finnish

Hungarian Language

SEESGE73 - New Language: Hungarian
SEESGE63 - Intermediate Language: Hungarian

Polish Language

SEESGE74 - New Language: Polish
SEESGE64 - Intermediate Language: Polish

Romanian Language

SEESGE75 - New Language: Romanian

Serbian/Croatian Language

SEESGE76 - New Language: Serbian and Croatian
SEESGE66 - Intermediate Language: Serbian and Croatian

Slovak Language

SEESGE77 - New Language: Slovak

Ukrainian Language

SEESGE79 - New Language: Ukrainian

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

Russian Modules

SEESGR04 - The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel
SEESGR19 - Soviet Cinema and Society from the Khrushchev 'Thaw' to the Collapse of the Soviet Union: End of the Radiant Future
SEESGR20 - Contemporary Russian Cinema and Society since the Collapse of the Soviet Union: The Journey into the Unknown
SEESGR61 - Russian Cinema: Epochs and Genres
SEESGR26 - Nabokov and Russian Émigré Literature
SEESGR24 - Gender and Sexuality in Modern Russian Culture
SEESGR23 - Ire, Irony, Ideology: Satire and Humour in Russian Culture
SEESGR62 - Being Soviet. Typologies of Soviet Identity in Russian Cinema 1917-1956
SEESGR10 - New Language: Russian
SEESGR11 - Intermediate Language: Russian
SEESGR13 - Upper Intermediate: Russian *** NEW for 2014! ***
SEESGR12 - Advanced Language: Russian

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

Politics & Sociology Modules

SEESGS45 - Advanced Qualitative Methods
SEESGS37 - Cities in Eastern Europe
SEESGS32 - Security, Identity, Polarity: The Contemporary Debates
SEESGS07 - The Making of Modern Ukraine
SEESGS53 - The Politics of Change in the Baltic States
SEESGS42 - Theories of Social and Political Research
SEESGS61 - Politics of South-Eastern Europe Since 1990
SEESGS56 - Politics of Transition and Integration in Central and Eastern Europe
SEESGS64 - Post-Soviet Politics
SEESGS18 - Russian Foreign Policy since 1917
SEESGS19 - Russian Politics
SEESGS34 - Nation, Identity and Power in Central and Eastern Europe
SEESGS75 - People and Populations: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
SEESGS59 - Comparative Analysis in Social and Political Research
SEESGS36 - Cultural Anthropology of South-Eastern Europe
SEESGS60 - Empires, Nationalism and Communism: States and Societies of South-Eastern Europe
SEESGS63 - Understanding and Analysing Data

For the full range of SSEES MA options please see our comprehensive course booklet.

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