Some of what our students have said about our courses in 2013/14...

A wonderful course that I would recommend to anyone!

It's one of the best, most engaging classes that I ever have had and I don't see how it could be improved.

This course is fantastic and I have been recommending it to many people, one of whom will be joining my class next term. The teacher is fantastic and totally understanding of the challenges that evening students face. Her enthusiasm really helps one learn. Great course.

The teacher is great, very engaging. He knows how to provide enough material for the group to progress, but not so much that you drown in it.

The teacher is very motivated and seems to enjoy teaching the course - this in turn motivates the students.

Great atmosphere. Very friendly, which makes it a good learning environment. The teacher uses a lot of different approaches, so it's always interesting and fun.

The focus on learning the fundamental mechanics and structure of the language means that even when going wrong you know why.

The teacher was fantastic. She brought humour to the class and was very patient. She also taught methodically and I felt the topics covered have already helped me massively. I'll be returning in the new year!

It has been very productive and focused term. I would like to personally thank the teacher for all the amazing lessons so far. Learning Russian is no easy task but she makes it so enjoyable and exciting!

I only hope this course will stay as excellent as it is now.