Course Structure

  • Each course takes 60 hours (30 lessons) to complete.
  • The 30 lessons are delivered in 3 x 10-week terms, which follow the pattern of the academic year.
  • Our courses are designed to teach students how to communicate effectively in their chosen language.
  • All four skills are taught (reading, writing, listening and speaking), with particular emphasis being placed on oral communication.
  • Our courses present the language as it is spoken today in everyday situations, covering basic survival skills for beginners through to fluent communication at advanced levels.
  • Class sizes allow maximum involvement of all participants and vary between 4 - 15 participants.
  • Course syllabi are available upon request.
  • Our evening courses are non-credit bearing, but on completion of the three terms of their course, all students with an attendance record of 60% or above are issued with a certificate of attendance.

Term Dates (2014/15)

Enrolment for 2014/15 is now open. Please see the How to Enrol page.

All classes begin at 6.30pm and are two hours long.

Term Lessons Dates
Autumn 1-10 6 October - 11 December 2014
Winter 11 - 20 12 January - 19 March 2015
Summer 21 - 30 27 April - 2 July 2015