Estonian is the language of around one million people, mostly living in the Republic of Estonia. It belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of the Uralic language family. Its closest major relative is Finnish. It is written in the Roman alphabet and its spelling is very regular. Estonia’s turbulent history, involving domination at various times by Germans, Swedes and Russians, is reflected in the modern language. Estonia lies on the Baltic coast of northern Europe and is an important part of the IMESS MA degree programme. Our courses provide an introduction to Estonian language, culture and history.

Individual Courses for Registered Students at UCL & SSEES


  • SEESGE80 - New Language: Estonian
  • SEESGEXX - Intermediate Language: Estonian

Evening Courses in Estonian

Student Quote

Ilona Mostipan.png

"Going to Tartu, Estonia, for the second year [of IMESS] was an ‘accident’ in the sense that it was not my first choice because I knew nothing about the country or the life there. However, looking back at my experience in Estonia, I can happily report that there is no better ‘accident’ that I could have wished for, and if I were to choose all over again, I would finitely pick Estonia."

Ilona Mostipan, IMESS 2008-2010.

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