Undergraduate Student Handbook

This contains key information relating to operation of your programme within SSEES, including details about key dates, coursework submission, assessment penalties and contact details. It is intended to serve as your first point of reference for queries and contains links to relevant official documents and online resources.

This document is updated annually and further updates may occur during the academic year to reflect changes in UCL or SSEES policy and it is important that you ensure you refer to the handbook for the appropriate academic year.

Please note, the information podcast contains an example of calculating the degree classification using the weighted median, which is used for SSEES Economics & Business, History and Politics programmes. An example using the weighted mean, which is used by Language & Culture programmes is available here: Languages & Culture: Degree classification calculation.


Economics & Business Modules

Level 1 modules
SESS1003 - Introduction to Microeconomics
SESS1004 - Introduction to Macroeconomics
SESS1005 - Applied Game Theory for Economics and Business
SESS1006 - Contemporary Issues in International Business
Level 2 & 3 modules
SESS2001 - The Emerging Market Economies of Eastern Europe and Russia
SESS2005 - Topics in Microeconomics
SESS2006 - European Macroeconomics
SESS2009 - New Venture Creation
SESS2010 - Applied Econometrics
SESS2011 - Political Economy of European Integration
SESS2012 - Economic History and Ideas
SESS3001 - Growth and Convergence: With Reference to Eastern European and Russian Economics
SESS3002 - International Trade
SESS3003 - Industrial and Corporate Change with Reference to Central and Eastern Europe
SESS3005 - Topics in Financial Management
SESS3007 - Health Economics and Policy
SESS3008 - Topics in Financial Management II
SESS3009 - The Economics of Entrepreneurship
SESS3010 - International Macroeconomics
SESS3011 - Economics of the Family

History Modules

First-year foundation (‘core’) modules
SEHI1001 - Seminars in History
SEHI1002 - Modern Historiography
SEHI0004 - World Histories
SEHI1004 - Frontiers of History (for HPE students only)
First-year compulsory intermediate module
SEHI0005 - History of Eastern Europe Since 1856
Group 1a (intermediate)
SEHI6006 - History of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1918*
SEHI6008 - History of Russia to 1598
SEHI6009 - History of Russia, 1598-1856*
SEHI6011 - History of Modern Germany 1815-1990
SEHI6012 - SSEES History Taught Short Dissertation with Coursework
Group 1b half-module units (advanced)
SEHI7002 - Fascism and Authoritarianism in Eastern Europe, 1918-1945*
SEHI7004 - Between Politics and Culture: German Ideas, 1890-1970
SEHI7005 - Themes in Romanian History: From Dacians to Democrats
SEHI7008 - The Balkans from Empires to Nation-States
SEHI7009 - The Age of the Extremes in the Balkans
SEHI7010 - History of the Soviet Union
SEHI7011 - Society and Politics in Late Imperial Russia
SEHI7012 - Czechoslovakia in the Age of Extremes
Group 2 (advanced)
SEHI2002 - Crown Church and Estates in Central Europe, 1500-1700*
SEHI2006 - Successors to the Habsburgs: East-Central Europe, 1914-1945
SEHI2007 - The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia
SEHI2008 - The Fall and the Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648-1921
SEHI2009 - Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 1991
SEHI2010 - Dictatorship as experience. The coexistence of consensus and refusal in the German Democratic Republic.
Group 3 special subjects with dissertation (advanced)
SEHI3005/9005 The Russian Revolution*
SEHI3006/9006 - Ivan the Terrible and the Russian Monarchy in the Sixteenth Century (I & II)
SEHI3007/9007 - Urban Culture and Modernity: Vienna-Prague-Budapest, 1857-1938 (I & II)
SEHI3008/9008 - Mass Culture in an Age of Revolution: Russia 1900-1934 (I & II)
SEHI3009/9009 - Monarchs and the Enlightenment in Russia and Central Europe (I & II)*
Free-Standing Dissertation (advanced)
SEZZ4901 - Free-Standing Dissertation

 * = not running in 2015/16

Politics & Sociology Modules

Level 1 Modules
SESS1102 - Introduction to International Relations
SESS1202 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Social Theory
SESS1203 - Understanding Society: Introduction to Political Sociology
SESS1204 - Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
SESS1205 - Understanding Politics I: The Big Questions in Contemporary Europe
SESS1206 - Understanding Politics II: How Politics Works
Level 2 & 3 Modules
SESS2101 - The History of European Political Ideas
SESS2102 - Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe
SESS2103 - Russian Politics and Society
SESS2104 - The Making of Modern Ukraine
SESS2105 - Democracy and Democratisation
SESS2106 - Comparative Political Analysis
SESS2107 - Researching Politics and Society
SESS2108 - Post-Soviet Politics and Society
SESS2109 - Politics and Societies of Southeast Europe
BASC2052 - Migration and Health
SESS3102 - Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
SESS3103 - European Security
SESS3107 - Poland in the UK
SESS3202 - Baltic Politics and Society
SESS3203 - Social Change in Central and Eastern Europe

Literature & Culture Modules - East European and Russian 

First Level Modules

SEEE1006 - Literature and Memory

SERS1010 - Russian Short Fiction from Romanticism to Postmodernism

SERS1011 - The Making of Modern Russian Culture

SERS1012 - Representations of Russia

SERS1013 - Russian Cinema: History, Ideology, Society

Intermediate Level Modules (ELCS)

SEEE2006 - How Words Work: Sounds and Sense, Linguistics and Verbal Art (ELCS)

SEEE2007 - How Words Work- Meaning and Modularity (ELCS)

SEEE2008 - Vampires, Society and Culture: Transylvania and Beyond (ELCS)

SEEE2009 - Narratives of Exile* (ELCS) (not running 15/16)

SEEE2010 - Tales of the Unexpected: the supernatural and fantastic in literature, 1800-1930 (ELCS)

SEEE2011 - Languages in Contact along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flows (ELCS)

SEEE2012 - Stories of Change, Formal Experiments and New Waves (ELCS) (not running 15/16)

SEEE2013 - War, Trauma and Memory in East European Cinema (ELCS)

SEEE2015 - Staging Europe

Intermediate Level Modules

SEEP7001 - Contemporary Polish Cinema

SEEF2003 - Finland: Environment, Society, Culture

SEEU1002/ SEEU1003 - Ukrainian Culture and Text

SEEE2009 - Narratives of Exile (not running 15/16)

SEEY2105 - Introduction to Serbian and Croatian Literature

SERS2011 - Russian Poetry from Pushkin to Brodsky [R]

SERS2012 - Russian Cinema: Men and Women

SERS2014 - Chekhov: The Quest for Freedom [R] (not running 15/16)

SERS2020 - The Person, Love and Utopia in Russian Thought

SERS2023 - Identities in Nineteenth- Century Russian Literature [R]

SERS2024 - The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism [R]

Advanced Level Modules

SEEY4011 - Serbian and Croatian Literature 3

SERS2020 - The Person, Love and Utopia in Russian Thought
SERS4010 - Russian Literature in Revolution: Experiments in Form 1917-53 [R]

SERS4012 - Dostoevskii [R] (not running 15/16)
SERS4014 - Pushkin [R]
SERS4016 - Russian Cinema: Innovation and Experiment [R]
SERS4017 - Contemporary Russian Cinema
SERS4026 - Russian Poetry in the Silver Age [R] (not running 15/16)
SERS4027 - Russian Literature from the Death of Stalin to the Present: Dissent & Discovery [R]

[R] - requires ability to read Russian

Languages Modules for Language Degrees


SERS1001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 1A) - Ab initio track
SERS1002 - Use of Russian (Year 1A)   - Ab initio track
SERS1003 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 1) - Post A-Level track
SERS1004 - Use of Russian (Year 1) - Post A-Level track
SERS2001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 2A) - Ab initio track
SERS2002 - Use of Russian (Year 2A) - Ab initio track
SERS2004 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 2) - Post A-Level track
SERS2005 - Use of Russian (Year 2) - Post A-Level track
SERS4001 - Comprehension of Russian (Year 4)
SERS4002 - Use of Russian (Year 4)
SERS4003 - Essay in Russian (Year 4) [R]


SEEB1001 - Bulgarian Language Level 1

SEEB2001 Bulgarian Language Level 2a - Comprehension

SEEB2002 Bulgarian Language Level 2b - Production

SEEB4001-Bulgarian Language Level 3A: Comprehension

SEEB4002 - Bulgarian Language Level 3B: Production


SEEC4011- Czech and Slovak Literature 3
SEEC1001 - Czech Language Level 1
SEEC2001/ SEEC2002 - Czech Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Czech Language Level 2b - Production
SEEC4001/ SEEC4002 - Czech Language Level 3a- Comprehension/ Czech Language Level 3b - Production
SEEC1004 - Czech Literature 1


SEEF1001 - Finnish Language Level 1
SEEF2001/ SEEF2002 - Finnish Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Finnish Language Level 2b - Production
SEEF4001 - Finnish Language Level 3a - Comprehension
SEEF4002 - Finnish Language Level 3b - Production


SEEH1001 Hungarian Language Level 1
SEEH2001 Hungarian Language Level 2a Comprehension
SEEH2002 Hungarian Language Level 2b Production
SEEH4001 Hungarian Language Level 3a Comprehension
SEEH4002 Hungarian Language Level 3b Production


SEEP1001 - Polish Language Level 1 
SEEP2001/ SEEP2002 - Polish Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Polish Language Level 2b - Production
SEEP4001/SEEP4002  - Polish Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Polish Language Level 3b - Production
SEEP1004 - Polish Literature 1
SEEP4011 - Polish Literature 3


SEER1001 - Romanian Language Level 1
SEER200/ SEER20021 - Romanian Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Romanian Language Level 2b - Production


SEEY1001 - Serbian/Croatian Language Level 1
SEEY2001/ SEEY2002 - Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2a - Comprehension/ Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2b - Production
SEEY4001/SEEY4002 - Serbian and Croatian Language Level 3a - Comprehension/Serbian and Croatian Language 3b - Production


SEES4001/ SEES4002 - Slovak Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Slovak Language Level 3b - Production
SEES2004 - Slovak Literature 3


SEEU1001 - Ukrainian Language Level 1
SEEU2001/ SEEU2002 - Ukrainian Language Level 2a- Comprehension/ Ukrainian Language Level 2b - Production
SEEU4001/ SEEU4002 - Ukrainian Language Level 3a - Comprehension/ Ukrainian Language Level 3b - Production

Language Modules at SSEES

SSEES offers a range of 0.5 course unit modules which can be taken by students across UCL. These can also be taken to fulfil the UCL Modern Foreign Language requirement. The run for a whole academic year.

Level A

SEEB1009 Bulgarian A
Czech A
Finnish A
SEEH1009 Hungarian A
SEEP1009 Polish A
Romanian A
Russian A
Serbian/Croatian A
Ukrainian A

Level B

SEEB2109 Bulgarian B*
Czech A*
Finnish A *
SEEH2109 Hungarian A 
SEEP2109 Polish A*
Romanian A*
Russian B
Serbian/Croatian A
Ukrainian A*

Level C

SERS3109 Russian C

* Not expected to run in 2014/15

Syllabus Handbooks and Scheme of Awards

Handbooks & Guides


Important: If using electronic versions, ensure you fully complete page 1 of the coversheet and Section 1 of the second page.

Important: If using electronic versions, ensure you fully complete page 1 of the coversheet and Section 1 of the second page.


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