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Alumni Events

Alongside the biannual talks that take place at SSEES for Alumni (almost always followed by a party), the SSEES Alumni Association often organises less formal events to exhibitions, film screenings, opera and other various East European and Russian-related happenings in and around London. 

Please note that anyone not registered as an alumni will not receive mailings about forthcoming events and booking details. If you were at SSEES when it was an independent entity within the University of London, you will still need to register with UCL to make sure you are on our mailing list. To update your details or register, please do so via the UCL Alumni Pages

Next up: 24 November, 6pm: 'Russia’s New Rich : From Robber Barons to Gentlemen'

Russia's New Rich

Based on extensive interviews with wealthy entrepreneurs and their families, Dr Schimpfossl's talk will discuss to what extent Russia's new rich elites have become bourgeois. It will explore the ways the rich under Putin legitimise their privileges, distinguish themselves from those "below" in the social hierarchy and understand their role in society. It will also present some narratives they have developed to justify why they should be treated as equals by the West.

The usual party afterwards will take place, with food and drink provided.

We look forward to seeing many of you there. Booking is essential:

£7.50 tickets: Please contact Lilla Bettiol (l.bettiol@ucl.ac.uk) to arrange a bank transfer of £7.50 per ticket. You will be sent a receipt by email with a copy of your ticket.

£8.55 tickets: If you prefer you may purchase tickets via Eventbrite (subject to booking fees which are included in the price listed). Book via Eventbrite

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