UCL Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy

Updated February 2014

UCL is committed to ensuring the well being and safety of children and young people1 involved in UCL activities.

The nominated senior officer at UCL with overall accountability for safeguarding children is the Vice-Provost (Operations). The Registrar and the Director of Human Resources are responsible to the nominated senior officer for ensuring the regular review and update of UCL policies and procedures relating to the protection of children and young people involved in UCL activities, with reference to relevant legislative and regulatory developments.

UCL has policies and procedures in place to meet its obligations to safeguard the well being and safety of the following groups: -

· Children or young people studying at UCL

· Children or young people with whom UCL students have contact in the course of their activities

· Children or young people with whom UCL staff have contact in the course of their activities

· Young people employed by UCL

· Young people undertaking work experience placements at UCL

UCL also acknowledges, where appropriate to the groups listed above, the principles of child protection set out in guidance given by the Department for Education, schools and further education institutions and in guidance issued from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) AimHigher Programme.

Details of the relevant policies, procedures and guidelines are given in Appendix 1 of this document.

UCL has a network of Safeguarding Contacts with responsibility for co-ordinating and/or implementing safeguarding measures (see Appendix 2). Notes and definitions in relation to the UCL Child Protection
(Safeguarding) Policy and Safeguarding Network are given at Appendix 3

All members of the UCL community are expected to comply with the UCL Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy and any component policies, procedures or guidelines thereof which apply to their position or activities at UCL.

UCL Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented by managers or other officers within their department who coordinate and/or deliver activities involving contact between UCL staff or students and children/young people.

Disciplinary action may be taken if the behaviour of a member of the UCL community contravenes the UCL Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy or a component policy or procedure. If the behaviour constitutes a criminal offence, a Police investigation and criminal action(s) may follow.

Any queries relating to this document should be directed to the Registrar's Office.

1 UK Statute Law defines a child as a person under the age of 18 years. ‘Young person’ and ‘Young people’ are not legal terms, but for the purposes of this Policy document describe those who might not perceive themselves as children, but are still within the age range of the legal definition of a child.

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