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Below you will find quick links to the most frequently used areas of the Student and Registry Services website for both academic and professional members of staff. For internal SRS Staff resources please log in to the SRS Staff Intranet (RegZone).

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UCL Governance and Policy

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Programme and Module Administration

All information relating to programme and module administration, including proposals and amendments, can now be found on the UCL Academic Manual.  

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Supporting Student Welfare

UCL is committed to the wellbeing and safety of our students, providing suitable support and guidance to them in times of need.

There are many sources of support for students who are having difficulties whether they are academic, emotional, financial or physical, however sometimes it is hard to know how to help a student who appears to be struggling, particularly if you feel they are unwilling or unable to seek the help they need.

The purpose of these pages are to outline support available through UCL Student Support and Wellbeing and through external services, and what to do in certain situations to ensure students receive the support they require. The aim is to provide consistency in how students are supported across UCL, to ensure they are referred appropriately and aware of how UCL can help.

We recommend that you take some time to look at UCL’s student support pages to familiarise yourself with the resources available to students during their studies with us.

Student Support and Wellbeing Services
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Academic support
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Student Funding (Administration)

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