How do I access Portico?

Staff, Students and Alumni can access Portico by clicking here and logging in using their UCL User ID and password. If you have forgotten your log in details, please visit ISD's MyAccount pages where you will be able to reset your password and receive a Username reminder.

Postgraduate applicants should log in using their details from the application stage. The username is the email address that was used to create the account. You can reset your password by clicking here and completing the form. You will then be sent a temporary password.

Undergraduate Applicants should log in using their email address and the password they set when going through the Online User Registration process. If you need to, you can reset your password by following this link and entering your email address. You will then be sent an email containg a password token and instructions on how to use it to reset.

How can staff upgrade their Portico access?

Access changes can be made by Heads of Departments or their nominated deputies either by using the Amend for your staff option on their My Portico page or by emailing the details of the changes to portico-services@ucl.ac.uk. You can find a list of those who can request access for you by clicking View your Portico access level in the Portico Access container on the My Portico page. On the next page you will see a summary of your current access. Please select “Head of Department or their nominated deputy” in the text at the top of the page.

Most changes will take effect straight away but Fund Management and Examinations Liaison Officer requests will need to be approved by the Finance and Examinations teams respectively. When you make the request, Portico will receive an automatic notification and seek approval on your behalf.

Staff can only be granted access to Level 3 Awards and Progression and Level 2 Module Registration once they have completed the classroom training. Again, requests to grant these levels will generate a notification to the Portico Helpdesk and staff will be contacted to confirm whether they have completed the training. Any staff with a requested access level that requires training will be emailed when new dates are announced. Further details on training courses can be found here.

How do I raise a Helpcall to Portico?

You can contact the Portico Helpdesk in three ways.

· You can telephone between 10:00 and 16:00, Monday to Friday on 020 7679 0637. Please ensure that you have your Student Number or Staff UPI to hand to help the team find your records.

· You can email portico-services@ucl.ac.uk.

· You can complete the webform at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/srs/portico/helpdesk

If you are emailing or using the webform please try to include the following:

· A subject line containing the area of Portico you are having difficulty with.

· Your personal details to assist us in finding your records.

· A brief summary of the issue you have encountered and the option in Portico you are trying to use. If you are a member of staff assisting a student then please also include their student number.

· A screenshot of any error messages you received.

Why does the My Studies page only have an option to enter my personal tutor details?

New students will not receive the full range of options on the My Studies page until they have completed the New Student Questionnaire. You will be able to find a link to this on your My Portico page. Please note that once you have completed the questionnaire, you may need to log out and in again for the changes to take effect. If you have completed the questionnaire and are still missing the options on My Studies, please contact the helpdesk.

What other services make use of Portico data?

A: Data from Portico flows into many areas across UCL including Finance, the Library, the Graduate School, Research Publications (IRIS), Moodle, Information Services Division, Human Resources, the Records Office, Common Timetabling and the Alumni office

I am a student and have just realised that my personal details are incorrect, how can I change them?

If your Contact or Next of Kin Details are incorrect, you can amend them through the Edit links in Portico.

If you appear to be registered on an incorrect Programme, Route or Module please contact your parent department who will liaise with Student Records or Examinations to have the error corrected.

How do I request a change to a Portico function or report?

Please send an email to portico-services@ucl.ac.uk and a member of the team will contact you to discuss the changes requested. If amendments are required then they will be included in the release cycle for implementation.

How are changes made to Portico?

All approved changes to Portico are managed through the annual Portico Release cycle. Roughly every 2 months, a series of changes are released, having undergone a development phase and a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. Only when the change has passed through this process is it released into the Live version of Portico

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