How do I access Portico?

A: You will need your userid and password, and you can click on the Portico link on the right to access Portico.

I am a student - why can't I access Portico?

A: Portico is available for all current students. If you cannot access it your password may have expired. Go to the Information Services Division web pages http://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/ for more information on passwords

How are changes made to Portico?

A: All approved changes to Portico are managed through the annual Portico Release cycle. About ever 2 months, a series of changes are released, having undergone a development phase and a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. Only when the change has passed through this process is it realease into the Live version of Portico

I am a Staff member - why can't I access Portico?

A: You will need a valid userid and password. If you have this, then your Head of Department (or approved nominee) will need to set your access level in Portico

How do I raise a Helpcall to Portico?

A: By sending an email to portico-services@ucl.ac.uk. You can find more information on the Portico Helpdesk by clicking on the Helpdesk tab on the left

What other services make use of Portico data?

A: Data from Portico flows into many areas across UCL including Finance, the Library, the Graduate School, Research Publications (IRIS), Moodle, Information Services Division, Human Resources, the Records Office, Common Timetabling and the Alumni office

How do I request a change to a Portico function

A: You should discuss your requirements with a member of the Portico Services team, and if a change needs to be made, it will be included in the release cycle for implementation

How do I ask for a change to a Portico Report?

A: Firstly, discuss your requirements with a member of the PSO team, and if it is feasible, the request will be made for the work to be done and scheduled within the Portico Release cycle

What information should I include in my Helpcall?

A: Putting a meaningful title in the subject line is very helpful. Please give us as much information as possible to help us to identify and solve the problem. Attaching screen shots can also be very useful

Which browsers can I use to access Portico?

A: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari but NOT Google Chrome. Please also note that the UCL pay online facility does not work in Safari.

Where are my old tasks in the new version of Portico?

A: We have created a guide showing where all the tasks and reports are under the new look and feel here: Evision Guide

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