The PSO HELPDESK is the front line service to support users and resolve problems you may encounter when using the Portico system. Please email your query, supplying details as set out below.

email portico-services@ucl.ac.uk
opening times
 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday
User ID
Student Number (if relevant) Students: refer to your UCL id card for the number.
Your Enquiry:

*Note: All fields must be filled in except student number (optional). A valid user id is required.

Normally you will receive a reply to your call as follows:

  • Urgent Query (prevents line of business): 1 hour  - 4 hours
  • General Query: 4 hours  - 24 hours

NB During Start of Session (last week September until early October each year) Portico staff will be covering enrolment and other related duties so there may be times when a response may take a little longer; we ask for your patience.

If you need to send an email to the PSO Helpdesk, please provide the following information:

  • email subject line - try to summarise the nature of the problem, or identify the operational area in which you are working, ie, Assessment, Access, rather than simply Portico Problem
  • if you are running a process in Portico, include the name of the process or web option
  • if you are having trouble with a particular student's record, include the student's number
  • when you send an email, you will receive an automatic reply which allocates your call an ID in the format POR0012345.  Please use this number if you need to contact PSO about your particular call

Telephone 020 7679 0637. Please note; the PSO helpdesk is not available for drop in queries.

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