For UCL Students

Students must have completed registration and be in possession of a UCL userid and password to access their Portico account. If you do not have a userid or your password has expired, please read the instruction on the Information Services website at

For UCL Staff

Access to Portico Web

Access to Portico web is not automatic  - so you will not see any/all options whne you first log in. Access is granted by heads of departments (or their nominee(s)), who will determine the appropriate level of access you should have based on your job description. 

You can see your current access levels by logging into Portico and clicking on the 'View your Portico access level' link. 

If you do not have access to the option you require you will need to ask your Head of Department (or nominee) to update your access for you.  Once the change is made, you will receive an email confirming the change.

There are some restrictions to the higher levels, where you may have to have attended the appropriate training course before access can be given. Typically, access levels are numbered 1, 2 or 3, where 3 would be high level access.

Changes to access levels to Portico reports are made in the same way, although in this case there is an overnight process involved, so you will have to allow 24 hours before you can see the change.

If you change department, your access levels will be reset and an email sent to your new head of department advising that your access levels need to be set to match your new role in your new department

Heads of departments can run a Portico report which details staff access within the department.

Research Student Management

If you do not the see the relevant staff members listed as supervisors in the research maintenance screen on Portico, it is probable they have not yet been approved via the EROS system on HR. (

IRIS (Institutional Research Information System)

Enrolled students are displayed on Iris only if they are down as having you as their supervisor with the core student records system (Portico).

You can manage the supervision arrangements for those students for whom you are responsible yourself via Portico, once you have access to the Research Student Management option.

N.B. Please note; it seems that IRIS will only display students who are currently enrolled. So any students who have left will not appear under your profile, even if you are shown as being their supervisor on Portico.

Module marks

To enter module marks, you must:

  • have access levels of 2 or 3 for Awards and Progress
  • be listed as a module tutor
  • OR have a Portico marker record

These can be confirmed by the department's Examination Liaison Office (ELO).  If your ELO needs to make a change, they should contact the Portico Services Office through the PSO Helpdesk.


Some roles require training.  This is organised and run by the Management Systems Team.

ISD Training for Portico and other Student Systems

Access to SITS Client

If you work in the Registry, Finance or a Faculty Admissions Office you will need to have access to SITS Client.

If you have any queries about your access, please contact your line manager in the first instance.

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