Student Records and Research Degrees

Manager: Helen Notter

Student Records manage the enrolment of students, updates to student records and provide related regulatory advice to staff and students. Research Degrees administer research degree examinations and provide advice on regulations and processes to students, UCL staff and external examiners.

Key areas include:

  • Being responsible for student enrolment and re-enrolment
  • Processing record amendments such as interruptions, withdrawals and degree transfers
  • Overseeing the research degree examination process, including the appointment of examiners for research degree students
  • Providing advice on related regulatory issues to students and staff
Student Records contact details

Tel: +44 (0)207 679 2034 (Int: 32034)
Location: South Wing, Main Campus

Research Degrees contact details

Tel: +44 (0)207 679 3063 / 7379 (Int: 33063 / 37379)
Location: South Wing, Main Campus

Common enquiries

We can help you with any of the issues listed above. The most common enquiries we receive are:

How do I amend my student record?

For further information on your student records, including how to make amendments, please visit the student records page on the current student website.

As a research degree student, what do I have to do to submit my thesis?

Please refer to our guidelines on research degree exam entry.

Where do I go if I am a student and have an enquiry?

Please go to the Student Centre on the Ground Floor of the Chadwick Building