Information and Data Services

The Information and Data Services Directorate provides direction and support for Portico Services (UCL’s Student Information System) and the Common Timetable, statistical returns and a statistical service, and student immigration compliance.

The key activities are:

  • supporting and developing Portico - this service is used across UCL to enable applicants, students and staff to update personal information, access services and for administrators and academics alike to deliver UCL’s programmes
  • supporting the Common Timetable process
  • providing a statistical service and other information derived from student data for internal and external purposes, and submitting statutory returns
  • assuring student immigration compliance to protect UCL’s Tier 4 sponsor licence
  • setting term dates

For further details about specific staff roles and responsibilities within the department, please see our staff listings.


Information and Data Services are comprised of the following sections. Click the arrows for further details on each section, including specific contact details.

Portico Services

Head of Student Systems: Mark Hodgson

The Portico Services Office provides direction and support for Portico Services (UCL’s Student Information System) and the Common Timetable.

The key activities are:

  • development, support, and setting the direction of Portico, the UCL student information system - current functionality in Portico includes admissions (for both UCAS and direct online applicants), online enrolment, module registration, maintenance of student records, assessments and awards, and graduation ceremonies
  • supporting the Common Timetable process through Serco software CMIS
  • providing helpdesk support for Portico and CMIS
  • assisting with end user training on Portico and CMIS
Contact details

Tel: +44(0)207 679 0637
Website: Visit the Portico website
Location: Room B14, Basement Floor, Wilkins Building, Main Campus

Student Data Services

Head: Gary Smith

Student Data Services co-ordinates the production, analysis and return of student related statutory returns and internal management information relating to the student body of UCL.

The key activities are:

  • providing student-related data for annual monitoring, internal quality review and external returns such as research council submissions and accreditation
  • maintaining structures and entities within Portico, such as department, programme, route and JACS coding
  • maintenance of data quality to allow the statutory returns to be produced effectively
  • co-ordinating UCL’s internal student load exercise to inform the allocation of resource and meet statutory requirements in these areas
Contact details

Tel: +44(0)20 7679 8669 (Int: 38669)
Website: Visit the student statistics website
Location: Room G15, Ground Floor, South Wing, Main Campus

Common enquiries

We can help you with any of the issues listed above. The most common enquiries we receive are:

Where can I find statistics on UCL students?

Please refer to our student statistics page.

Where can I find annual monitoring data?

Please refer to our annual monitoring data page.

Student Immigration Compliance

Compliance Officer: Joanna Page

Student Immigration Compliance is responsible for:

  • providing advice, guidance and information on compliance duties in relation to the Home Office Tier 4 immigration route
  • issuing Certificate of Acceptance for Studies for continuing students
Contact details

Tel: +44(0)20 7679 2090 (Int: 32090)
Location: Room G13, Ground Floor, South Wing, Main Campus

Contact details

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