Ethical investment

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UCL Council, the governing body of UCL, has set up an Ethical Review Investment Committee (EIRC) with effect from 1 January 2009. The Committee provides a forum for the consideration of requests received from members of the UCL community (staff, students and alumni) for the review on ethical grounds of individual stocks included in UCL's current investment portfolio. (Details of UCL's investment portfolio are available on request to the UCL Director of Finance.)

The EIRC operates a policy of ‘negative screening' ( ie the exclusion of stocks from the existing portfolio on the grounds that such stocks do not meet the ethical standards of UCL) – and according to the statement of ethical considerations which forms part of the UCL investment policy.

Any member of the UCL community who wishes to request that the EIRC review the inclusion of a stock or stocks currently held in UCL's investment portfolio should submit a written request, setting out the grounds for their request, to the Secretary of EIRC.

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