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List of officers authorised to witness use of the UCL Seal

UCL Regulation for Management 18.3 provides as follows:

  • Except as provided in Regulations 18.6-18.11 below, the Seal shall not be affixed to any deed or document except in the presence of one Member of the Council, and one authorised officer of UCL. The Registrar, as the UCL officer designated by the Council under Regulation 18.1 above, shall maintain a list of other UCL officers authorised for this purpose.

Officers authorised to witness sealings under the above Regulation are as follows:

Vice-Provost (Operations)
Mr Rex Knight

Development and Alumni Relations Office
Mrs Lorraine Houlihan (Director, Development and Alumni Relations)

Estates Division
Mr Greg Beach (Director of Capital Projects)
Mr Andrew Grainger (Director, UCL Estates)
Mr Adam Harman (Project Director, UCL Stratford)
Ms Sian Minett (Head of Satellite Estates Services)
Mr Colin Plank (Head of Property)
Mr Geoff Prudence (Head of Engineering and Maintenance)
Mr David Smith (Deputy Director, Estates Strategy and Space)
Dr Neil Varey (Business and Administration Manager)
Mr William Wilson (Director of Student Accommodation)

Finance and Business Affairs
Mr Jack Foster (Director, Special Projects)
Mr Simon Griffiths (Acting Director of Legal Services)
Mr Phil Harding (Director, Finance and Business Affairs)
Ms Natasha Lewis (Director of Legal Services)
Ms Liz Mooney (Divisional Manager)

Student and Registry Services
Ms Wendy Appleby (Registrar)
Mr Nick McGhee (Academic Support Officer (and Acting Secretary to Council))
Mr Andy Saffery (Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning))


August 2014
Wendy Appleby (Registrar)
Nick McGhee (Academic Support Officer (and Acting Secretary to Council))

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