Governance Overview

The constitution and governance of UCL are defined in and regulated by the Charter and Statutes and UCL's Regulations for Management (proposed amendments to the Charter and Statutes require the endorsement of the UCL Council and the subsequent approval of the Privy Council. Proposed amendments to Regulations for Management require the approval of a meeting of UCL Council). The responsibilities of the officers of Council, of the Provost and his Senior Management Team, and of other senior UCL officers are defined here.


UCL Council

The Council oversees the management and administration of UCL and the conduct of its affairs. Council approves UCL’s mission and strategic vision and its long-term academic and business plans.

Academic Board

Academic Board

The Academic Board advises the Council on all academic matters and questions affecting the educational policy of UCL. The following page contains information regarding terms of reference, membership, meeting dates and minutes of previous meetings. 

Student Support and Wellbeing

Campus Relations

UCL is committed improving campus relations and promoting free speech. This page contains further information on UCL policies towards improving campus relations. 

Our Services

Charity Gateway

Further information on UCL's charitable status. 

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