Research Degrees Committee reports to Academic Committee


Professor David Bogle

Who to contact

Mr Darren Payne

for agendas and minutes; for apologies for absence  
020 3108 7678


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Research Degrees Committee

Constitution and Membership for 2017-18

Number in brackets to the right-hand side of a committee member's name indicates length of continuous service in years, up to and including the 2016-17 session. Length of service is not indicated for ex officio and student members, or for observers.

Ex officio

Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School (Chair)
Professor David Bogle
Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)
Professor Anthony Smith
Director of Academic Services
Mr Derfel Owen
Nominee of Director of UCL Arena Dr Sam Smidt
Senior Executive Officer (Doctoral School) Ms Ben Colvill
Student Records Manager Ms Helen Notter
Students' Union Postgraduate Students' Officer
Mr Mark Crawford
UCL Student Mediator  Dr Ruth Siddall 
Faculty Graduate Tutors:
Arts and Humanities
To be notified
Brain Sciences  Dr Elvira Bramon
Built Environment  Professor Stephen Marshall 
UCL Institute of Education  Professor Martin Oliver
Engineering Sciences 
Dr Simon Banks
Dr Virginia Mantouvalou
Life Sciences   Professor Kaila Srai 
Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Professor Tania Monteiro
Medical Sciences  Dr Jill Norman
Population Health Sciences  Dr Andy Stoker
Social and Historical Sciences 
Dr Paulo Drinot


One Vice Head of the Doctoral School, nominated by the Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School

  • Professor Alison Diduck (3)

One research graduate student, nominated by the UCL Union

  • To be notified

One representative of the organisations with which UCL has educational partnerships or collaborations, nominated by the Pro-Vice-Provost of the Doctoral School

  • Dr Sally Leevers (2)


Three academic staff - including at least one professor and one non-professor - elected by and from among the professorial and non-professorial academic staff members of Academic Board

  • Professor Kirsten Harvey (School of Pharmacy) (1)
  • Dr Hynek Pikhart (Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care) (1)
  • Dr Benet Salway (History) (1)

Secretary Mr Darren Payne

Terms of Reference

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by the Academic Committee, the Research Degrees Committee is charged by Council:

  1. To define, monitor and review UCL strategy, policy and procedure in respect of UCL postgraduate-research students, relating to: (i) student registration; (ii) student attendance and completion of courses and examinations, including suspension of regulations; (iii) the operation of UCL's student grievance procedures for research degree students; (iv) examination misconduct by research students; and (v) all aspects of the research student experience.
  2. To approve UCL regulations relating to research degrees and amendments thereto.
  3. On behalf of Academic Committee, to define, monitor and review UCL strategy, policy and procedure in respect of all matters relating to the supervision and assessment of research degree students, including: (i)  comparability of the research student experience across UCL; (ii) approval and appointment of research student supervisors; (iii) provision and comparability of research student supervision, support and training across UCL; (iv) monitoring the progress of research students; (v) development and implementation of processes for the assessment of research students; (vi) appointment of examiners; and (vii) procedures for the distribution of, and action on, examiners reports on research degree students.
  4. To approve new research programmes and their subsequent amendment and withdrawal.
  5. To receive and consider from examiners proposals for the award of research degrees of UCL and of the University of London.
  6. To submit for approval by the Academic Committee recommendations for the award and revocation of research degrees of UCL and of the University of London.
  7. To receive an annual report on the proceedings of meetings of Faculty committees that are responsible for overseeing PGR student provision, during the preceding 12 months.
  8. To refer to the Academic Committee such matters as the Research Degrees Committee deems entail academic standards, quality assurance or student experience implications which require the attention of Academic Committee.
  9. To report to the Academic Committee by (i) the submission of an annual report on the work of the Research Degrees Committee in the preceding 12 months, and (ii) the submission to the Academic Committee officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Research Degrees Committee.

Meeting Dates 2017-18

  • Tuesday 10 October 2017, 11.00am
  • Tuesday 13 March 2018, 11.00am
  • Tuesday 5 June 2018, 2.00pm