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Dame DeAnne Julius

Who to contact

Mr Nick McGhee

for agendas and minutes; apologies for absence 
020 3108 8217


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Nominations Committee

Constitution and Membership for 2016-17

Number in brackets to the right-hand side of a committee member’s name indicates length of continuous service in years, up to and including the 2015-16 session. Length of service is not indicated for ex officio and student members, or for Observers.

Ex Officio

Chair of Council (Chair) Dame DeAnne Julius
Vice-Chair of Council Baroness Diana Warwick
President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur


Two External Members of Council, appointed by Council

  • Mr Ven Balakrishnan (2) 
  • Ms Lindsay Nicholson (2)

Two academic staff members of Council, appointed by Council

  • Professor Lucie Clapp (-)
  • Dr John Hurst (2)

Secretary Mr Nick McGhee

1 Appointed Members of the Committee shall remain members for a period of three consecutive years, and, provided that they remain members of Council, shall be eligible for reappointment for a second or further period not exceeding three years.

Terms of Reference

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by Council, the Nominations Committee is charged by Council:

  1. To consider the filling of vacancies for appointed external members of Council and to make recommendations to Council thereon, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant UCL Statutes and Regulations for Management.
  2. To recommend to Council, if the Nominations Committee sees fit, that a vacancy or vacancies for external members on Council remain unfilled.
  3. In the case of external members completing their first or second three-year term of office on Council, to consider whether to recommend to Council that such members should be invited to accept a second term or, where the Nominations Committee considers that Council continues to require the particular experience and expertise of the external member concerned, a third three-year term.
  4. To keep under continuous review the overall profile of the membership of Council.
  5. To consider the filling of vacancies for external members nominated by Council on all other standing committees of UCL the constitution of which provides for such members, in consultation with those committees as Nominations Committee sees fit, and to make recommendations to Council thereon (except for the filling of vacancies on Nominations Committee, which shall be referred direct to Council for consideration).
  6. To keep under review the length of service of external members on UCL committees generally.
  7. To report to Council by submission i) to Council of an annual report, and ii) to the Council officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Nominations Committee.

Meeting Dates 2016-17

  • Friday 16 December 2016, 3.00pm
  • Friday 31 March 2017, 1.00pm


Minutes of meetings of the Nominations Committee are confidential to the Committee and are not available online.