Ethical Investment Review Committee reports to Council


Lord (Tim) Clement-Jones 

Who to contact

Nick McGhee

for agendas and minutes; apologies for absence
020 3108 8217


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Ethical Investment Review Committee

Constitution and Membership for 2016-17

Number in brackets to the right-hand side of a committee member’s name indicates length of continuous service in years, up to and including the 2015-16 session. Length of service is not indicated for ex officio and student members, or for observers.

The number in square brackets next to the name of a committee member who is identified as serving as the appointed or elected Chair of the committee indicates the number of consecutive years that member has served as Chair up to and including the 2014-15 session. 


Two members of Council, including at least one lay member (as Chair), appointed by Council

  • Lord Clement-Jones (Chair) (3) [2]
  • Ms Nahid Majid (1)

Two academic staff, appointed by Academic Board

  • Professor Mark Lancaster (6)
  • Professor Jane Rendell (3)


A student officer, nominated by the UCL Union

  • Mr Zakariya Mohran

Secretary Mr Nick McGhee

Terms of Reference

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by Council, the Ethical Investment Review Committee is charged by Council:

  1. To receive requests from members of UCL for the review on ethical grounds of individual stocks included in UCL's current investment portfolio.
  2. To provide, through meetings, held twice a year if required, a forum in UCL for consideration of such requests.
  3. To consider at each meeting such requests that have been received for the review of investments in UCL's current portfolio, in accordance with the statement of ethical considerations set out in UCL's investment policy, through a process of negative screening (ie the exclusion of stocks from an existing portfolio on the grounds that such stocks do not meet the ethical standards of the fund).
  4. To receive, for the purposes of carrying out such reviews, data analyses of current investments against ethical criteria available from specialist agencies.
  5. In the light of the Committee's review of investments as detailed above, to advise the Investments Committee, through submission of a reasoned statement: either that investment in the stock concerned be continued; or that the particular stock be disposed of completely; or such other action as the Ethical Investment Review Committee considers appropriate in the particular case.
  6. Where the Ethical Investment Review Committee considers investment in a stock to be unethical on grounds that require further consideration by the Investments Committee in accordance with the statement of ethical considerations set out in UCL's investment policy, to engage in dialogue with the Investments Committee as necessary, and, where the matter is not resolved through such dialogue, to refer the matter, jointly with the Investments Committee, to Council for decision.
  7. To submit minutes of each of its meetings to Council.

Meeting Dates 2016-17

The Ethical Investment Review Committee is convened only as and when necessary.


Committee Minutes for sessions prior to 2010-11 are not publicly accessible.