Discipline Review Body reports to Council


Mr Peter Thornton QC

Who to contact

Mr Gary Hawes

for agendas and minutes
020 7679 8592

Ms Harriet Lilley

for apologies for absence 
020 7679 8593


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Discipline Review Body

Constitution and Membership for 2013-14

Number in brackets to the right-hand side of a committee member’s name indicates length of continuous service in years, up to and including the 2012-13 session. Length of service is not indicated for ex officio and student members, or for observers.


A Chair, who shall be a member of the legal profession, not being a member of the UCL Council or of the UCL staff, who shall be appointed annually by Council and shall be eligible for reappointment

  • Mr Peter Thornton QC (9)

One person, not being a member of the UCL Council, of UCL staff or a student, to be appointed by the Chair as and when the Review Body needs to be convened, from among the following panel of nominees approved by Council:

  • Mr David Anderson-Evans (16)
  • Ms Wendy Appleby (6)
  • Ms Caron Barter (6)
  • Mr Wayne Campbell (6)
  • Ms Sue Grant (6)
  • Ms Jill Grinstead (17)
  • Dr Jeune Guishard-Pine (10)
  • Prebendary Paul Hawkins (17)
  • Ms Alison Johns (6)
  • Ms Phillipa Jowett (6)
  • Mr Anthony McLaran (6)
  • Mr Mike Ratcliffe (6)
  • Mrs Evelyne Rugg (10)
  • Mrs Shahwar Sadeque (10)
  • Mr Brian Salter (17)
  • Professor Adrian Seville (17)
  • Ms Jan Stockdale (9)
  • Professor Jennifer Temkin (17)
  • Mr Simeon Underwood (9)
  • Baroness Warwick (17)
  • Ms Stephanie Watt (6)
  • Ms Liz Winders (6)
  • Ms Fiona Waye (9)

A registered student of another university institution, normally within the University of London, to be appointed by the Chair in consultation with the Registrar of UCL, as and when the Discipline Review Body needs to be convened.

Secretary Mr Gary Hawes

Terms of Reference

No formal terms of reference are available, but the details of procedure and powers are laid down in the UCL Disciplinary Code and Procedure made under Statute 13, which was approved by Council on 11 December 1996.

The Discipline Review Body will report to Council by submission to Council officers of the Minutes of each meeting of the Discipline Review Body.

Meeting Dates 2013-14

The Discipline Review Body is convened only when necessary necessary, to consider appeals by students against a prior decision of the Discipline Committee. 


Minutes of meetings of the Discipline Review Body are confidential to the Committee and are not available online.