Academic Manual

Forms of Academic Assessment


2.1 Forms of Academic Assessment

1. Assessment is a general term used to describe the mechanism to measure student achievement. A variety of assessment methods may be applied to reflect an integrated curriculum design. At UCL there is an expectation that a mixture of formative and summative assessment methodologies will be applied to test different skills and to enable students to achieve the intended learning outcomes. Formative assessment can also provide experience of a programme’s summative assessment.
Summative assessment provides a clear statement of achievement that can be made in respect of an individual student’s performance. The outcome of summative assessment is used to classify a degree award and is recorded on student transcripts.
Formative assessment provides feedback to individual students about their progress towards achieving the intended learning objectives for specified course units and modules. In addition, innovative formative assessment methodologies make an important contribution to the overall development of student skills and transferable knowledge.
Permitted forms of summative academic assessment are set out in Section 1: Assessment Strategy.
Permitted forms of summative e-assessment are set out in Section 5.2: Summative e-Assessment.