Academic Services

Academic Services is responsible for policy and operations relating to institutional governance, academic organisation and governance, committee operations, quality management and enhancement strategy and processes, research governance, and senior academic staff appointments.

The office is also responsible for:

  • advising on the interpretation of UCL’s instruments of government, including the Charter and Statutes
  • acting as the secretariat for UCL’s formal committees
  • overseeing the academic governance framework, including maintenance of the UCL Academic Manual, the register of UCL’s collaborative agreements, and the procedures for programme and module approval
  • supporting the implementation of UCL’s research governance framework, including the investigation of allegations of research misconduct
  • external and internal quality management and enhancement policies and processes
  • providing a statistical service and other information derived from student data for internal and external purposes, and submitting statutory returns
  • appointments of Chairs and Readerships

For further details about specific staff roles and responsibilities within the department, please see our staff listings.

Further information

Appointment of Professors

Appointment of Professors

Academic Services co-ordinate the process for recruitment and selection of candidates for appointment to established Chairs and Readerships at UCL.

Honorary Degrees and Fellowships

Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships

Academic Services oversees the nominations process for award of UCL Honorary Degrees and Honorary Fellowships. Further information on the process can be found here.

Student Information and Data Services

Student Statistics

Student Data Services co-ordinates the production, analysis and return of student related statutory returns and internal management information relating to the student body of UCL.

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Academic Services
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