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Policy-Making & Regulation in Europe

Course Code: PUBLG016

Course Tutor: Dr Nick Wright (Department of Political Science)

Assessment:  One 3,000 word essay

Credit Value: 15

About this course

This course develops students’ knowledge of how policy-making takes place and policies are made in the European Union (EU). The course introduces principal theories of EU policymaking relating to the main stages of the policy process: agenda-setting, decision-making and policy implementation. The course discusses the theoretical claims and observable implications of these theories with respect to EU institutions, policymaking processes and policy outputs, and critically evaluates them from the perspective of empirical evidence provided by political science and public policy research. Different theoretical perspectives and most recent empirical research are used throughout the course to analyse a number of substantive policy areas.

Learning outcomes

After the successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

1. Describe the main developments in key areas of European Union policy with the help of key concepts and relevant terminology for the study and practice of EU policy-making.

2. Explain policymaking processes and outputs in the European Union by applying relevant political science theories and research approaches.

3. Critically appraise political science theories and research on European Union policies.

4. Develop a set of personal and key transferable/employment skills and knowledge such as

  • delivering effective presentations
  • actively and critically participating in discussions
  • developing rigorous and evidence-based arguments
  • doing individual research
  • working in groups

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