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The European Union in the World

Course Code: PUBLG020

Course Tutor: Dr Christine Reh (Department of Political Science)

Assessment: 2,000 word essay (60%) and 1,000 word policy brief (40%)

Credit Value: 15

About this course

This module analyses the European Union’s role in global politics. The teaching is designed to equip students with the empirical knowledge, theories and analytical skills necessary to explain and critically assess the EU’s actorness, effectiveness and impact across the range of its foreign policies. The module first introduces the conceptual and normative debate about Europe's global role; discusses the origins of the EU as a global actor; and familiarises students with the institutions, instruments and decision-making of EU foreign policy. We then analyse key issues of external governance, including trade, aid and development, crisis management and conflict resolution, as well as “soft” foreign policy questions such as climate change and the external dimension of internal security. The module concludes by looking at EU enlargement and Europe’s “near abroad”.

In all sessions, the module puts a premium on applying theories of European integration and International Relations to current political developments, and to training policy-relevant skills. As part of the course, students simulate a crisis meeting of the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council and write a policy-brief.

By the end of the module, students will have

  • acquired an in-depth knowledge of the EU’s global role across all its external policies; discussed key questions and challenges of EU external relations;
  • learned to conceptualise and evaluate Europe’s foreign policies;
  • interpreted their knowledge through theories of European integration and International Relations;
  • learned to critically assess empirical evidence and present theoretical arguments;
  • trained transferable skills for the analytical study of politics and policy-making, including negotiation strategies and the writing of policy-briefs.

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