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Alumni profiles

Human Rights

Dareen Khalifa

MA Human Rights 2011-12

UCL’s program attracted me because of its interdisciplinary nature, incorporating subjects such as international law, philosophy, and anthropology. Read more »

Natalie Tomlinson

MA Human Rights, 2008-09 

After finishing my BA in International Relations and Japanese I went straight into my MA programme at UCL. Read more »

Christina Kaili

MA Human Rights, 2007–2008

After leaving the School of Public Policy in 2008, I have been employed by the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS), an NGO active in the field of gender equality and women’s rights. Read more »

Legal and Political Theory

Christopher Covo

MA Legal Political Theory 2011-12.

Attending UCL has been one of the most important, valuable experiences of my life by creating a matchless opportunity to allow me to participate actively in a global dialogue with my peers. Read more »

Temitayo Ogunye

MA Legal Political Theory 2011-12.

I was on the MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL’s SPP from September 2011-September 2012, after having received my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Politics from Manchester University in 2010. Read more »

MSc International Public Policy

Dylan White

MSc International Public Policy, 2010–11.

When I left SPP in the autumn of 2011, I wasn’t sure where my path would lead. Focused so intently on my immediate goal – the dissertation holy grail – I sometimes lost sight of life (and obligations) beyond the finish line. Read more »

Cathy Cullen

MSc International Public Policy, 2010-11.

I started working as a researcher at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in Ireland, just after I submitted my dissertation in September 2011. Read more »

Natasha Schou

MSc International Public Policy, 2009–10.

A few weeks after I handed in my dissertation, I started an internship at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) on Whitehall. Read more »

Julian Knott

MSc International Public Policy, 2005–06.

I completed my MSc in International Public Policy at SPP in 2006. I arrived having spent four years working in Brussels, first as an intern at the European Commission and then within an EU research consultancy firm. Read more »

Tammy Sandhu

MSc International Public Policy, 2004–05.

I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 2005 after completing my MSc in International Public Policy. Read more »

MSc Security Studies

Kevin, Conroy

MSc Security Studies, 2009–10.

Flying in and out of conflict zones might not be the easiest life choice but my career after UCL has been full of excitement. Read more »

MSc European Public Policy

Isla Johns

MSc European Public Policy, 2009–10.

Upon leaving SPP in 2010, I went to Brussels for the traineeship at the European Commission, where I worked in Schools Policy and Partnerships. Read more »

Rabiah Mumtaz

MSc European Public Policy, 2007–08.

Having already completed an undergraduate degree in Law at UCL, I joined the School of Public Policy in September 2007 to pursue my Masters in European Public Policy. Read more »

John Considine

MSc European Public Policy, 2007–08.

I finished at SPP in 2008 just as the crisis hit and the full impact was still unknown. However, one of the more productive things I did during my summer at SPP was to apply for a traineeship at the European Commission. Read more »

MSc Public Policy

Martina Vojtkova

MSc Public Policy, 2009-10.

Shortly after graduating, I started working as a research assistant for the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), whose London office is situated rather improbably right next door to the SPP. Read more »

Jonathan Bond

MSc Public Policy, 2004–05.

After leaving SPP six years ago, I returned to the U.S. to begin law school, where the training I had received and the research interests I had developed in the MSc programme helped to guide my further studies and to propel me into new areas of inquiry. Read more »

Mark Rusling

MSc Public Policy, 2003–04.

Since leaving the School of Public Policy, I have had quite a varied career. When I started my Masters, I already had a contract at Linklaters in the City, training to become a solicitor. Read more »

MSc Global Governance and Ethics

Zahara Choudri

MSc Global Governance and Ethics, 2011-12.

After leaving SPP, I decided to work as a consultant in various projects within international development. During my time at SPP I was fortunate to gain huge support from the Department to run a charity campaign with the Jaago Foundation. Read more »

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