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The Contemporary House of Lords: Westminster Bicameralism Revived

The Contemporary House of Lords: Westminster Bicameralism Revived

Meg Russell (OUP, July 2013)

This book provides the first detailed portrait of the post-1999 Lords, explaining who sits in the chamber, how it operates, and crucially what policy impact it has. Its membership is shown to be more diverse and modern than many would assume, and its influence on policy to be substantial.

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The Politics of Coalition

The Politics of Coalition How the Conservative-Lib Dem Government Works

Robert Hazell and Ben Yong (Hart, forthcoming 2012)

The Politics of Coalition tells how the Coalition has fared in the different arenas of the British political system: at the Centre; within the Departments; in Parliament; in the parties outside Parliament, and in the media. It will be of interest to politicians, policy makers, academics, students and anyone interested in how the UK coalition works in practice and not just in theory.

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Does FOI Work?

Does FOI Work? The Impact of the Freedom of Information Act on Central Government in the UK

Robert Hazell, Ben Worthy and Mark Glover (Palgrave, August 2010)

This book is the first systematic evaluation of FOI anywhere in the world. It evaluates the performance of the Act against its objectives,

and its impact on Whitehall. The book draws upon evidence from interviews with officials, plus FOI requesters and journalists as well as stories in the national press. Each chapter draws on case studies to make particular points and bring the study to life. It also compares developments in the UK to those in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

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Constitutionalizing the European Union  Thomas Christiansen and Christine Reh. Constitutionalizing the European Union. Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
This new book by Thomas Christiansen and Christine Reh is published by Palgrave Macmillan in its European Union Series. The book offers an in-depth and systematic account of the formal and informal dynamics of constitution building in Europe from the 1950s to the present day. It analyses the nature of this process and looks in detail at the informal and incremental elements of constitutionalization, at the formal mechanism of treaty reform, and at the more recent, explicit attempt to create a “European Constitution”. The authors introduce the various actors involved in this process, discuss the structural opportunities and constraints of constitutional choice, and take the reader through the stages of EU treaty reform from agenda-setting to ratification. Having charted the trajectory of constitutionalization over time, the authors conclude with a discussion of recent developments and an outlook towards the EU’s constitutional future.
Constitutional Futures Revisited Constitutional Futures Revisited: Britain's Constitution to 2020.  Robert Hazell's latest book, written by a team of leading political scientists and lawyers, forecasts the impact of all the recent constitutional reforms on the UK's key political institutions, and the constitution as a whole.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2008
President George W. Bush's Influence over Bureaucracy and Policy: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Powers President George W. Bush's Influence over Bureaucracy and Policy: Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Powers (The Evolving American Presidency) by Colin Provost. Palgrave Macmillan (March 31, 2009).
Citizenship: A Very Short Introduction Citizenship: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2008. Read more about this book.
Governance in Ethnically Mixed Cities Sherrill Stroschein, ed., Governance in Ethnically Mixed Cities. London:
Routledge, 2007.
This collection of original essays breaks new ground by examining the dynamics of ethnic politics at the local level, rather than following in the footsteps of many previous studies which focus on the macropolitical level of states and nations. Each contribution is based on extensive fieldwork and local observation, providing perspectives from a range of academic disciplines including Political Science, Geography, and Anthropology. It also covers a variety of geographic areas, from the Middle East (Kirkuk, Haifa, and Tel Aviv-Jaffa) to Europe (Mostar, Bolzano, Toulouse, and Florence), Central Asia (Osh in Kyrgyzstan) and the United States (Durham, North Carolina). In spite of the variety of disciplinary approaches and the geographic diversity of the case studies, the contributing authors uncover a number of common elements of local ethnopolitical dynamics in mixed cities:  the power of informal institutions, the effect of numerical balances between groups on local politics, and the significance of local competition for material and symbolic resources. Each of these areas provides a promising avenue for future research.
Political Constitutionalism: A Republican Defence of the Constitutionality of Democracy Political Constitutionalism: A Republican Defence of the Constitutionality of Democracy, Cambridge University Press, 2007.
Critical Republicanism Cecile Laborde's new book, Critical Republicanism. The Hijab Controversy and Political Philosophy has just been published in the Oxford Political Theory series at Oxford University Press.
Governing Financial Globalization David Hudson co-edited this volume which provides a wide-ranging discussion of both the potential and the problems arising from the application of multi-level governance literature to the monetary and financial domain.
Routledge 2005; reprinted in paperback 2008.
Mapping Communicable Disease Control Administration in the UK Mapping Communicable Disease Control Administration in the UK - David Rowland
This report is part of the Nuffield Trust grant to UCL entitled the ‘changing nature of the state in health’ and focuses on the impact of devolution in the UK and the increased Europeanisation of the health sector on the UK NHS. The report sets out the impact that devolution and Europeanisation have had on the structure of communicable disease control in the UK. It raises important questions about the co-ordination of this important function in the context of multi-level governance and examines the new administrative innovations which have resulted from the devolution of power within the UK.
The Legalization of Human Rights: Multidisciplinary Approaches The Legalization of Human Rights Multidisciplinary Perspectives - Saladin Meckled-Garcia and Basak Çali
This text scrutinizes the extent to which legal codification shapes the human rights ideal, and surveys its ethical, political and practical repercussions. How does the law influence what we think about rights? What more is there to such rights than their legal protection? To what extent is legal concept of rights, their holders, those responsible for thier protection, in line with the moral concept the law is supposed to codify? This book introduces a new concept and phenomenon: "Legalization", a process by which legal codification and specification is taken to determine the boundaries of a concept to the exclusion of other practices and disciplines. The text goes on to discuss the consequences of this phenomenon."
Business and Government: Methods and Practice Business and Government: Methods and Practice - David Coen and Wyn Grant
This is the third volume in "The World of Political Science" book series sponsored by Research Committee 33 on The Study of Political Science as a Discipline (RC 33), one of about 50 Research Committees of the International Political Science Association (IPSA).
Building New Labour Building New Labour: The Politics of Party Organisation - Meg Russell
'New' Labour was defined in part by wide-ranging reforms to the party's internal democracy. These included changes to how candidates and leaders are selected, changes to policy making processes, and a programme of 'quotas' that transformed women's representation in the party.
The Dynamics of Devolution The Dynamics of Devolution - Alan Trench
"The State of the Nations is part of a considered and authoritive long-term academic study of the constitutional reform of this country"
Roger Scully, Representation.
Devolution, Law Making and the Constitution Devolution Law Making and the Constitution - Robert Hazell & Richard Rawlings
This book is essential reading for academics and students in law and in politics, and for anyone interested in the constitutional and legal aspects of UK devolution.
Refining Regulatory Regimes: Utilities in Europe Refining Regulatory Regimes: Utilities in Europe - David Coen and Adrienne Heritier
"This major study breaks new ground in bringing together a distinguished international team to offer a comparative and empirical investigation of factors shaping regulatory implementation and business-regulator relations in key European Utilities"
Colin Scott, LSE
Delegating Powers in the European Community Delegating Powers in the European Community - Fabio Franchino
(2004) British Journal of Political Science. 34: 449-76
Download: text 1 [1.2mb/pdf] / text 2 [51kb/pdf] / Dataset [99kb/xls]
No book image available The Rise of Patient Groups and Drug Development (December 2004) - Dr M. Duckenfield & Dr D. Rangnekar.
The State of British Democracy The State of British Democracy - Helen Margetts, Nick Sparrow, Stuart Weir, Mark Ross
'This poll shows a significant breakthrough in attitudes towards state funding for political parties' said Professor Margetts, Director of the UCL School of Public Policy, who advised the trust on the poll.
Download Publication (PDF/312kb)
Download Press Release (Doc/29kb)
Reforming the House of Lords: Lessons from Overseas Reforming the House of Lords, Lessons from Overseas - Meg Russell
"Meg Russell provides an overdue and authoraittive correction in showing the lessons to be learnt from second chambers overseas in the balanced, analytical and highly readable manner that the Constitution Unit has made its trademark"
Roger Scully, Representation.

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