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Susan Gaines

Teaching Fellow

Mrs Susan Gaines
  • Name: Dr. N. Susan Gaines
  • Position: Teaching Fellow
  • Room:3.02
  • Fax:+44 (0)20 7679 4969
  • Email:


Susan Gaines is currently serving as a Teaching Fellow in Research Methods and Political Science. She holds a B.A. in political science, philosophy and history from the University of Louisville, an M.A. in political science from Louisiana State University and she completed her PhD at Louisiana State University in December 2011. Her graduate training was in political theory, research methodology and American politics.

Susan's research takes place at the nexus ethics and politics, and she is particularly interested in questions of solidarity, human need, and the way individuals view ‘the other.’ She is interested in examining these issues from a variety of methodological approaches, including bringing historical texts to bear on contemporary political problems, engaging in case study research and using quantitative techniques. Susan’s PhD research was a critical approach to human rights, which emphasised the importance of sentimentalist ethics in meeting the needs of others. Susan has research interests in the history of political thought (particularly ancient and early modern thinkers), ethics and politics, cosmopolitanism, non-traditional sources of political and ethical ideas, and the factors that influence attitudes toward others. Susan has methodological expertise in normative theory, literary analysis, case study approaches, and quantitative analysis. She has recently published on the factors that influence American opinion toward same-sex marriage.


  • Gaines, N. Susan and James C. Garand. 2010. “Morality, Equality, or Locality: Analyzing Determinants of Support for Same-sex Marriage.” Political Research Quarterly 63(3): 552-567.

Work Under Review

  • Gaines, N. Susan. “Nietzsche’s Dionysian and Apolline Legacy in the Writing of Albert Camus” (revise and resubmit)

Work In Progress

  • Gaines, N. Susan. “Human Rights and the Problem of Potentiality”
  • Dasandi, Niheer and N. Susan Gaines. “Pity and Pathos in Domestic and International Aid Campaigns”
  • Gaines, N. Susan. “Resurrecting Rousseau: Compassion in the Public Sphere”
  • Gaines, N. Susan. Human Need and Sentimentalism (monograph)

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