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Dr Slava Mikhaylov

Senior Lecturer in Research Methods


Dr Slava Mikhaylov joined the Department in September 2010 as a Lecturer in Research Methods. He received his doctorate in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin. Slava has previously taught at Trinity College and London School of Economics. His research interests include text analytics, big data analytics, and comparative and international political economy. Dr Slava Mikhaylov is a deputy director of UCL Q-Step Centre. He is also a co-investigator in an ESRC's "Big Data Network" initiative - the Consumer Data Research Centre


  • "Reading The Tea Leaves: Medvedev's Presidency Through Political Rhetoric Of Federal And Sub-National Actors." (with Alexander Baturo), Europe-Asia Studies, 2014, 66(6): 969-992.[PDF]
  • "A Conservative Revolution: The electoral response to economic crisis in Ireland." (with Michael Marsh), Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 2014, 24(2): 160-179. [PDF][Replication materials]
  • "Life of Brian Revisited: Assessing Informational and Non-Informational Leadership Tools." (with Alexander Baturo), Political Science Research and Methods, 2013, 1(1): 139-157.[PDF][Supplementary materials][Replication materials]
  • "Born to Lead? A Twin Design and Genetic Association Study of Leadership Role Occupancy" (with Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Christopher Dawes, James H. Fowler, and Nicholas A. Christakis), The Leadership Quarterly, 2013, 24(1): 45-60.[PDF] [Winner of the 2013 Leadership Quarterly Best Paper Award]
  • "How to scale coded text units without bias: A response to Gemenis" (with Kenneth Benoit, Michael Laver and Will Lowe), Electoral Studies, 2012, 31(3): 605-608.[PDF]
  • "Economic voting in a crisis: the Irish election of 2011" (with Michael Marsh), Electoral Studies, 2012, 31(3): 478-484.[PDF][Replication materials]
  • "Natural Sentences as Valid Units for Coded Political Texts” (with Thomas Daubler, Kenneth Benoit and Michael Laver). British Journal of Political Science, 2012, 42(4): 937-951.[PDF
  • “Coder Reliability and Misclassification in the Human Coding of Party Manifestos” (with Michael Laver and Kenneth Benoit), Political Analysis, 2012, 20(1): 78-91.[PDF][Supplementary materials][Replication materials]
  • “Scaling Policy Preferences From Coded Political Texts” (with Will Lowe, Kenneth Benoit, and Michael Laver), Legislative Studies Quarterly, 2011, 36(1, Feb): 123-155. [PDF][Replication materials]
  • "European Parliament elections and EU governance" (with Michael Marsh), Living Reviews in European Governance, 2010, 5(4).[PDF]
  • “Treating Words as Data with Error: Estimating Uncertainty in Text Statements of Policy Positions” (with Kenneth Benoit and Michael Laver), American Journal of Political Science, 2009, 53 (2): 495–513.[PDF][Replication materials]
  • “The significance of economy in the Russian bi-lateral treaty process” (with David Dusseault and Martin Hansen), Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 2005, 38: 121-130.[PDF]
Book chapters and edited publications
  • “Policy Performance and Support for European Integration” (with Michael Marsh), in The Legitimacy of the European Union After Enlargement, Jacques Thomassen (ed.), Oxford University Press, 2009.[PDF]
  • European Elections after Eastern Enlargement: Preliminary Results from the European Election Study 2004 (with Michael Marsh and Hermann Schmitt, eds.), CONNEX: Mannheim, 2007.[PDF]
  • “I Love You, You Pay My Rent: the Game of Belarusian-Russian Integration” (with Alexander Baturo), in The CIS: Form or Substance, David Dusseault and Richard Sakwa (eds.), Helsinki University Press, 2006.[PDF]

Working papers

  • "Crowd-Sourced Coding of Political Texts" (with Kenneth Benoit, Drew Conway, Benjamin Lauderdale, and Michael Laver), 17 December 2014. [PDF]
  • "Government in Crisis: Opening the "Black Box" of Intra-Cabinet Competition Over Budgetary Allocation" (with Alexander Herzog), 30 July 2014. [PDF]
  • "A New Database of Parliamentary Debates in Ireland, 1922-2008" (with Alexander Herzog). Institute for International Integration Studies Discussion Paper 338, 2010.[PDF]
  • "Estimating Government Discretion in Fiscal Policy Making" (with Alexander Herzog). Institute for International Integration Studies Discussion Paper 339, 2010.[PDF]