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Matia Vannoni

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Matia Vannoni

Project Title

‘Institutionalist Policy Dynamics And Policy Change: Institutions, Agenda Setting and Policy Network in Tobacco Control’.


My name is Matia Vannoni and I am a first year PhD candidate at the School of Public Policy, UCL. I am currently working under the supervision of Prof. David Coen and Prof. Peter John on a project which investigates policy change in tobacco control across advanced democracies. My interest in tobacco control came as a consequence of my first love in academia: interest representation and, more specifically, business lobbying. I have, indeed, been working since my very first days in academia on those topics and I am still conducting research on them in the form of side projects. In the meantime I am also working as research assistant for both my supervisors on a variety of projects: European business lobbying, British parliament etc.

I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in political science and European studies from the University of Trento as well as an MRes in European Studies from the European Institute, LSE. The decision to join the academic world came as a natural consequence of my working experience in Brussels during my sabbatical year after my graduation. Although fascinated by the ‘Brussels business’ I decided I was more suitable to study it than to take part in it.

What follows is an indicative list of my publications along with the most recent conference/workshop attendances. For a complete list please see my website.


Conference Participations

  • Vannoni, M. (2014) The Two Faces of Interest Group Influence and the Directive Banning Tobacco Advertisement, ECPR Joint Sessions, Methodological Challenges and Contradictory Results in the Study of Interest Groups, 11 April 2014.
  • Vannoni, M. (2014) No Place for Varieties of Capitalism: National Complementarities, Europeanization, and European Business Interest Representation presented at the 9th Annual Graduate Student Conference On The European Union, University of Pittsburgh, 28 February 2014.
  • Vannoni, M. (2014) The Research Cycle And The Millian Comparative Methods: What Are Apples And Oranges Good For?, presented at the 2nd LCSS PhD Methodology Conference, LSE, 22 February 2014.
  • Vannoni, M. (2014) ‘The Two Faces of Interest Group Influence and The Directive Banning Tobacco Advertisement’, presented at Tobacco Control Research Group, Bath, 13 February 2014.
  • Vannoni, M. (2014) ‘Institutionalist Policy Dynamics And Policy Change: Institutions, Agenda Setting And Policy Network In Tobacco Control’, presented at Tobacco Control Research Group, Bath, 13 February 2014.
  • Vannoni, M. (2013) ‘Policy Change and Interest Representation: an Information Signalling Model of Policy-making’ presented at the 14th Annual UACES Student Forum Research Conference, Loughborough, 7-9 July 2013.

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