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Dr Alex Braithwaite

Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Dr Alex Braithwaite
  • Name: Dr Alex Braithwaite
  • Position: Senior Lecturer in International Relations
  • Room:
  • Telephone: 020 7679 4986
  • Fax: 020 7679 4969
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Dr Alex Braithwaite is Senior Lecturer in International Relations. He joined the Department of Political Science in September 2007. Prior to joining UCL he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the Colorado State University (2006-07). He completed his doctorate in political science at the Pennsylvania State University (2002-06). Dr. Braithwaite's research investigates the causes and geography of various forms of political violence, with a focus in examining where terrorist attacks, civil wars, and international conflicts are located. He lectures on the International Peace and Security, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Terrorism courses in the School of Public Policy.




  • Jessica Maves & Alex Braithwaite (2013). "Autocratic Institutions and Civil Conflict Contagion." Forthcoming at Journal of Politics.
  • Dennis Foster, Alex Braithwaite & David Sobek (2013). "There Can Be No Compromise: Institutional Inclusiveness, Fractionalization, and Domestic Terrorism." Forthcoming at British Journal of Political Science.
  • Douglas Gibler & Alex Braithwaite (2013). "Dangerous Neighbours, Regional Territorial Conflict, and the Democratic Peace." Forthcoming at British Journal Political Science.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2013). "The Logic of Fear in Terrorism and Counterterrorism." Journal of Police & Criminal Psychology 27(1): in press.
  • Alex Braithwaite & Shane Johnson (2012). "Space-Time Modeling of Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency in Iraq." Journal of Quantitative Criminology.
  • Alex Braithwaite & Douglas Lemke (2011). "Unpacking Escalation." Conflict Management and Peace Science 28(2): 111-123.
  • Alex Braithwaite, Dennis Foster, & David Sobek (2010). "Ballots, Bargains, and Bombs: Terrorist Targeting of Spoiler Opportunities." International Interactions 36(3): 294-305.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2010). "Resisting Infection: How State Capacity Conditions Conflict Contagion." Journal of Peace Research 47(3): 311-319.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2010). "MIDLOC: Introducing the Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) Location Dataset." Journal of Peace Research 47(1): 91-98.
  • Alex Braithwaite & Quan Li (2007). "Transnational Terrorism Hot Spots: Identification and Impact Evaluation." Conflict Management and Peace Science 24(4): 281-296.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2006). "The Geographic Spread of International Conflicts." Journal of Peace Research 43(5): 507-522.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2005). "Location, Location, Location...Identifying Conflict Hot Spots." International Interactions 31(4): 251-272.
  • David Sobek & Alex Braithwaite (2005). "Victim of Success: American Dominance and International Terrorism." Conflict Management and Peace Science 22(2): 135-148.
Book chapters and edited publications

  • David Sobek & Alex Braithwaite (2010). "Unspoken Reciprocity: The Effect of Major Shifts in Israeli Policy on International Terrorism" in R. Reuveny & W. Thompson (eds.), Coping with Contemporary Terrorism: Origins, Escalation, Counter Strategies and Responses. Buffalo, NY.: SUNY Press.
  • Shane Johnson & Alex Braithwaite (2009). "Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Insurgency in Iraq" in J. Freilich & G. Newman (eds.), ‘Countering Terrorism through SCP.’ Crime Prevention Studies 25: 9-32.
  • Alex Braithwaite (2005). "A Guide to Australia's Armed Forces and Security Policy" in K. DeRouen & U. Heo (eds.), Defense and Security: A Guide to the National Armed Forces and Security Policies of the World. Santa Barbara, CA.: ABC-CLIO.


  • The Militarized Interstate Disputes Location (MIDLOC) data identify X and Y coordinates for the onset locations of all MIDs between 1816 and 2001. These data are available via the website of the Correlates of War project:
Work in progress
  • Erik Gartzke & Alex Braithwaite "Power, Parity and Proximity: How Distance and Uncertainty Condition the Balance of Power." Revise & Resubmit at World Politics.
  • Alex Braithwaite & Kyle Joyce. "Geographic Proximity and Third Party Joiners in Militarized Interstate Disputes." Under Review.
  • Alex Braithwaite, Jeffrey Kucik, & Jessica Maves. "The Costs of Political Unrest." Under Review.
  • Peter Baudains, Alex Braithwaite, & Shane Johnson. "Spatial Patterns in the 2011 London Riots." Under Review.
  • Peter Baudains, Alex Braithwaite, & Shane Johnson. "Target Choice during Extreme Events: The 2011 London Riots." Under Review.
  • Alex Braithwaite. "Territorial Terrorism: An Unintended Consequence of A Military Footprint."
  • Alex Braithwaite, Jeffrey Kucik, & Jessica Maves. "The Contagion of (Non)Violent Conflict.

  • International Peace & Security.
  • Terrorism
  • Foreign Policy Analysis

I am currently primary supervisor or co-supervisor to Melanie Garson-Sweidan, Katherine Reyes, Niheer Dasandi, Tim Nissen, Janina Beiser, and Lucy Burton.

Dr. Braithwaite is interested in reviewing PhD proposals from students interested in employing quantitative methods to address the causes of political violence (incl., terrorism, insurgency, civil war, and international conflict).

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