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Antti-Ville Suni

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Antti-Ville Suni

Research Areas and Interests

The provisional title of my thesis is The Political Power of Frames – The Forging of a Single Energy Market. The thesis focuses on the drivers of change in European energy policy. The sector seems to have remained in a long-term intergovernmental equilibrium with little change taking place. However, recently there has been change at least on one critical policy issue: the separation of energy networks from other parts of the energy supply chain. A group of member states, including France and Germany, opposed these policy measures initially. Nevertheless, they changed their positions over the policy formulation and decision-making stages of the third European energy package.

No coherent theory has been developed to explain substantive integration in European energy policy, which has been extremely slow, particularly in primary energy supply. My thesis proposes a supranational theory in which strategic framing and mobilisation of latent coalitions play a key role in driving change in European energy policy.  I explore the conditions under which the European Commission (EC) can operate as a strategic frame entrepreneur, thereby changing the positions of member states.  I will argue that the EC has successfully overcome domestic coordination problems in energy policy thereby mobilising latent coalitions. My second hypothesis concerns rhetorical traps (Schimmelfennig, 2001), which are not conditional on domestic coordination failures. Evidence of supranational influence in this strategically important sector would increase our knowledge and understanding of how the EC or other supranational agents can acquire and use political power vis-à-vis recalcitrant member states.

My research interests are broadly in political economy and public policy. More specifically, I’m interested in regulation; the political economy of trust; framing effects; as well as the interaction between religion and institutions of political economy.

Academic and Professional Background

Prior to joining SPP in the fall of 2010, I made an unsuccessful attempt at becoming an independent consultant in the field of energy policy and economics. I graduated from Columbia University in the fall of 2008 with a Master in Public Administration, where I focused on energy policy and economics. Before that I worked in finance in Helsinki for a couple of years, focusing mainly on valuations and risk analysis.  I did my undergraduate degree as well as first graduate degree (B.Sc./M.Sc. ) at Helsinki School of Economics.   

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