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Dr Marc Esteve

Lecturer in International Public Management

Marc Esteve


Marc Esteve joined the UCL School of Public Policy in September 2013. He received his PhD in management sciences from ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University in 2012, and prior to coming to UCL, he was a visiting research fellow at Cardiff Business School (2011), and a postdoc at the Institute of Public Governance and Management (ESADE Business School). Dr Esteve’s primary research interests have focused on understanding how individual characteristics influence decision making, specifically in interorganizational collaborations. He is currently delving more deeply into the mechanisms and effects of personality in the context of collaboration; his present research involves a study that explores the role of core personality variables on the outcomes of collaborations by using experimental designs.Refereed Journal


  • Ysa T, Sierra V, & Esteve M. 2013. Determinants of Network Outcomes: The Impact of Managerial Strategies. Forthcoming at Public Administration.
  • Esteve M, Boyne G, Sierra V, & Ysa T. 2013. Organizational Collaboration in the Public Sector: Do Chief Executives Make a Difference? Forthcoming at the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.
  • Esteve M, Grau M, & Valle R. 2013. Assessing Public Sector Values trough the Tri-Axial Model: Empirical Evidence from Spain. Forthcoming at the Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal.
  • Esteve M, Ysa T, & Longo F. 2012. The Creation of Innovation through Public-Private Collaboration. Spanish Journal of Cardiology. 65(9).
  • Ysa T, Gine M, Esteve M, & Sierra V. 2012. Public Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence from the Spanish Banking Industry. Public Money and Management. 32(4).
  • Longo F & Esteve M. 2012. Assessing the Implementation of Managerial Reforms in the Government of Catalonia. Forthcoming at the Public Money and Management. 32(6).
  • Esteve M, DiLorenzo F, Inglés E, Puig N. 2011. Empirical Evidence of Stakeholder Management in Sports Clubs: The Impact of the Board of Directors. European Sport Management Quarterly. 11(4): 423-440.

Book Chapters

  • Ysa T & Esteve M. 2011. Assessing Public Networks: Proposal for a New Unit of Analysis, in van de Walle S (2011) New Steering Concepts in Public Management Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management, Volume 21, 41–56. Emerald.
  • Ysa T & Esteve M. 2012. Innovation and PPPs, in Greve C & Hodge G. Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships; Strategic Approaches in Turbulent Times. Routledge.

Other Publications

  • Esteve, M. & Ysa, T. 2011. Differences between the Public and the Private Sectors? Reviewing the Myth. Public (on-line journal). 22.
  • Longo, F. & Esteve, M. 2012. Professional Public Management in the Public Administration in Catalonia: An Analysis of the Current Situation. Public (on-line journal). 25. 

Selected Works in Progress

  • Andrews, R., & Esteve, M. Like Ships that Pass in the Night? The Relationship between Public and Private Management Research.
  • Ysa T., & Esteve M. Networks Never Walk Alone: The Management of Network Portfolios. Submitted at Public Administration Review.
  • Esteve, M.; van Witteloostuijn, A. & Boyne, G. The Effects of Personality and Public Service Motivation on Collaborative Behavior: Evidence from an Experimental Design.
  • van Witteloostuijn, A.; Esteve, M. & Boyne, G. Public Sector Motivation Ad Fonts: Personality Traits as Antecedents of Public Sector Motivation.
  • Esteve, M.; van Witteloostuijn, A. & Boyne, G. The Roots of Bureaucratic Personality. To be submitted at the Public Administration Review.
  • Esteve, M.; van Witteloostuijn, A.; & Boyne, G. Determinants of Working Sector Preferences: Testing an Empirical Model.

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