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Dr Emily McTernan

Lecturer in Political Theory and MA LPT Programme Director

emily mcternan
  • Name: Dr Emily McTernan
  • Position: Lecturer in Political Theory and MA Legal Political Theory Programme Director
  • Room: 3.02, 31 Tavistock Sq.
  • Telephone:020 3108 9282
  • Fax: 020 7679 4969
  • Email:


Emily McTernan joined UCL in September 2013. Previously, she was a Fellow in Philosophy at the London School of Economics.  Her PhD research at the University of Cambridge investigated how to incorporate considerations of individual responsibility into an egalitarian theory of justice.

Her current research focuses on three debates: the scope of justice and how it extends to choices made by individuals, especially in the sphere of work; the role of responsibility within an egalitarian theory of justice; and the relevance of empirical research to political philosophy. For more about this research, see here.


  • 'Should Fertility Treatment be State Funded', Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming.
  • ‘How to Make Citizens Behave: Social Psychology, Liberal Virtues, and Social Norms’, Journal of Political Philosophy, Online First: 19 June 2013. DOI: 10.1111/jopp.12015.
  • ‘The Inegalitarian Ethos: Incentives, Respect, and Self-Respect’, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 12 (1) (February 2013): 93-111. (Published Online First: 14 June 2012)

Selected works in progress

  • 'Contextualism about moral responsibility'
  • 'How to be a responsibility-sensitive egalitarian: From metaphysics to social practice'
  • 'Equal status, domination, and microaggressions'
  • Monograph: Equality, Work and Talent

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