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Dr Anastasia Voronkova

Teaching Fellow in Governing Divided Societies

Anastasia Voronkova


Anastasia joined the Department in December 2013 as a Teaching Fellow in Governing Divided Societies. Prior to that, she worked as a Teaching Assistant on comparative politics and general political analysis courses in the School of Politics and IR, Queen Mary, University of London from where she also holds a PhD in Comparative Politics (2012), an MA in Global and Comparative Politics (2007) and a BA in Law and Politics (2006). Anastasia’s research interests lie in the comparative politics of divided societies, identity construction, political violence, ethnic conflict,   institutional mechanisms of regulating tensions between minorities and majorities, nationalism, ethnicity and ‘relational’ approaches to politics.  Her research has addressed the dynamics of intergroup interactions, ethnopolitical mobilisation and conflict radicalisation in Nagorno-Karabakh and Northern Ireland during critical time periods.  Anastasia has published on these issues and is currently working on a book manuscript modifying and combining the literatures on ethnic conflict, contentious politics and nationalism to highlight the various limits of elite flexibility and their impact on conflict development in these cases. More broadly, she is also interested in the dynamics of intergroup relations and the extent to which central elites’ discourses in divided polities leave room for minorities’ political expression. She has extensive fieldwork experience, having conducted interviews, surveys and participant observation in several divided societies.

Key publications
  • ‘Nationalism and organised violence in Nagorno-Karabakh: a micro-spatial perspective’, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 19 (1), 2013, pp. 102-118.
  • Book manuscript  ‘From conflict to violence and back again: the radicalisation of ethnopolitical activism and mechanisms of conflict transformation in deeply divided societies’ (in progress, with contract, forthcoming with Routledge).
  • ‘Reflections on the dynamics of intersocietal relations in ethnically polarised environments’, The Caucasus Edition: Journal of Conflict Transformation, 9 (1) (2010).
Book reviews (selected):
  • Book Review of Politics in Deeply Divided Societies by Adrian Guelke (Polity Press, 2012), Global Policy, December 2012.
  • Book Review of Unrecognised States in the International System by Nina Caspersen (Polity Press, 2011), Europe-Asia Studies,January 2014.
  • Book Review of Ethnicity, Nationalism and Conflict in the South Caucasus by Ohannes Geukjian (Ashgate, 2012), Nations and Nationalism, October 2013.

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