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Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia

Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights and Political Theory

Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia
  • Name: Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia
  • Position: Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights and Political Theory
  • Room: 2.03, 29/30 Tavistock Sq.
  • Telephone: 020 7679 4947
  • Email:

Dr. Meckled-Garcia is the founder of the Human Rights programme at the School of Public Policy, having designed and launched the MA in Human Rights in 2003. He is also co-founder and Director of the new UCL Institute for Human Rights.

His research focuses on the ethical foundations of human rights, and on theories of international justice. This work emphasises the link between adopting specific theories of human rights, justice and criminal liability, and clear practical/policy consequences.

Dr. Meckled-Garcia recently coordinated the creation of the Research Working Groups of the Institute for Human Rights, and has organised a number of symposia on important human rights topics, including: 'The Idea of Human Rights and Foreign Policy', 'Human Rights, Religion and Law', 'Interpretivism and International Law', 'Forced Evictions and the Human Rights to Land', and 'Prospects for an Economic and Social Human Rights Country Dataset.' He is part of the AHRC network on: 'Instituionalising Values: Beyond Human Rights?', and is developing the first European Human Rights Research Network, together with Dr. George Letsas.

Currently Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights, and a Senior Lecturer in Human Rights and Political Theory, he has been a Rubin Senior Research Fellow in Human Rights, a Junior Research Fellow (Birmingham, Philosophy), and a Special Fellow in Philosophy (UCL, Philosophy dept.) where he gave a series of intercollegiate lectures on the political and moral philosophy of the young Marx. He has been on the editorial board of Imprints, Journal of Egalitarian Theory and Policy, an associate editor for Res Publica, and a referee for a variety of journals (Political Studies, The Journal of Political Philosophy, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, The Philosophical Quarterly, Review of International Studies).

Live Publications Database


  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'Do Transnational Economic Effects Violate Human Rights?', Journal of Ethics and Global Politics, Sept. 2009
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'Global Justice and Human Rights', (5000 word article), in David P. Forsyth, ed., Oxford Encyclopedia of Human Rights, OUP, July 2009
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'Global Justice and International Law', in B. Cali ed., International Law for International Relations, OUP, 2009
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'How not to think about human rights and (global) justice' (in Spanish), Mariano Garreta Leclercq and Julio Montero (eds.), Human Rights, Democracy and Deliberation in a Transnational World (Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Deliberacion en un Mundo Transnacional), Buenos Aires: Prometeo, 2009
  • S. Meckled-Garcia and B. Cali, 'Lost in Translation: the Human Rights Ideal and International Human Rights Law', in Meckled-Garcia and Cali, eds., The Legalisation of Human Rights, 2005
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'Neo-Positivism About Rights: What's wrong with rights as enforceable claims', Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, CV(1), 2004
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'International Neutrality and Human Rights', Res Publica, 10(2) 2004
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, 'Toleration and Neutrality: saving an unhappy marriage?' (A Reply To Peter Jones' critique of my original paper: 'Toleration and Neutrality: Incompatible Ideals?') in Toleration, Neutrality and Democracy, Dario Castiglione and Catriona McKinnon, eds., Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, "Toleration and Neutrality: Incompatible Ideals?", Toleration, A Special Issue of Res Publica, 7(3), 2001 . Re-printed in Toleration, Neutrality and Democracy, Dario Castiglione and Catriona McKinnon, eds., (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, December 2003)
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, "International Justice, Human Rights and Security after 11th September," Imprints, 6 (2),2002
  • S. Meckled-Garcia, "Why Work Harder? Equality, Social Duty and the Market", Political Studies, September 2002

Prospective PhD students see below for themes

PhD supervisees, current

Karin Kuhleman (working on The right to reproduce and social justice)

Cristian Rettig-Bianci (working on the Claimability Objection and Human Rights)

Giulio Fornarolli (working on Pluralism and Truth in Democratic Societies)


PhD supervisees, recently graduated

Sabina Appelt Graduated 2014 (Non-state Actors and International Human Rights)

Julio Montero Graduated 2011 (human rights responsibilities and global poverty).

Current positions:

- A permanent researcher for the National Research Council of Argentina

- Lecturer at Buenos Aires University

- Researcher at the Argentinian Centre for Philosophical Research (CIF)

Sample publications whilst a PhD candidate:

  • (2010) 'Do Affluent Countries Violate the Human Rights of the Global Poor?' Global Justice: Theory, Practice and Rhetoric, 3, pp. 22-42. ISSN1835 – 6842
  • (2009) 'Global Poverty, Human Rights and Correlative Duties', Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, XXII (1), pp. 79-92. ISSN 0841 – 8209
  • (2008) 'Global Poverty: Whose Duties? Some Problems with the Contribution Principle,' Metaphilosophy,  23 (4/5), pp. 612-620. ISSN 0026 – 1068.

Chiara Cordelli Graduated 2011 (egalitarian theory and the private-public distinction) an AHRC Scholar.

--Currently Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

--Previously research fellow Princeton University

--Previously Assistant Professor Exeter University

--Previously a post-doctoral research fellow at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS), 2011-201

Sample publications whilst a PhD Candidate:

  • (2011). 'The Institutional Division of Labor and the Egalitarian Obligations of Nonprofits.' Journal of Political Philosophy
  • (2010) 'Private Groups Acting Publicly: the Limits of Religious Associations' Right to Exclude" in Y. Hagiwara, ed., Democracy and Governance for Civil Society,  Tokio, fukosa

David Karp Graduated 2010 (non-state actors and human rights responsibilities)

--Currently Assistant Professor, University of Sussex

--Previously Lecturer in Politics, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow.

Sample publications whilst a PhD Candidate

  • (2009). ‘Transnational Corporations in “Bad States”: Human Rights Duties, Legitimate Authority and the Rule of Law in International Political Theory’, International Theory, 1, no. 1, 87-118. ISSN 1752-9719
  • (2009). ‘Facts and Values in Politics and Searle’s Construction of Social Reality’, Contemporary Political Theory, 8, no. 2, 152-175. ISSN 1470-8914
  • (2008). ‘The Utopia and Reality of Sovereignty: Social Reality, Normative IR and “Organized Hypocrisy”’, Review of International Studies 34, no. 2, 313-335. ISSN 0260-2105

Shin Osawa Graduated 2009 (Thesis: Justice and the quality of work in egalitarian theory)

--Currently Assistant Professor, University of Kitakyushu, Japan

--Winner of the Research Incentive Award, awarded by the Japanese Conference for the Study of Political Thought

--Previously Researcher in Political Theory, Keio University
Sample publications:

  • (May 2011) Distributive principles and distributive institutions: On Rawls's property-owning democracy (‘Bunpai no genri to bunpai no seido: Rawls no zaisanshoyusei minshushugi o megutte’), The Japanese Journal of Political Thought, 11, 279-307
  • (Forthcoming) ‘Workplace democracy and distributive justice: On the place of distributive justice in the arguments for workplace democracy’, Journal of Political Science and Sociology, 15


Dr. Meckled-Garcia's PhD Syllabus

Dr. Meckled-Garcia's PhD supervision takes two forms, one-on-one tutorials on specific pieces of work or research direction and Political Philosophy and Methods seminars with all his PhD students.

There is a specific syllabus that every PhD candidate follows which trains them in up-to-date, cutting edge normative theory methods, and helps candidates to develop a critical and deep understanding of methods such as Methodological Intuitionism, Reflective Equilibrium, Practice-Interpretation, Value-led Interpretivism, and others. The candidate spends the early part of her PhD becoming an expert in these methods as well as in the background for her specific research area.

We then move on to combining the methodological knowledge and the background, subject-specific, knowledge to produce a focused statement of the research question and proposition/hypothesis. At this stage the candidate is encouraged to produce literature review work from which she can draw to also produce critical essays in her chosen research area. Great emphasis is placed on conceptual clarity, precision and full knowledge of all argument iterations. This allows the candidate to produce original critical work towards the final thesis.

A clear timetable, plan of action and argument structure is established early on in the process and there is a constant check on where we are in this process, and constant review of the plan.

Candidates are encouraged to publish articles in good academic journals from an early stage and supervision supports this output. The aim is to have a portfolio of original and tested research by the completion of the thesis.

Dr. Meckled-Garcia's Supervision Themes

Please note: Dr. Meckled-Garcia's research and expertise is principally in the sphere of political philosophy/legal theory. Within that he is willing to supervise a wide range of topics, including projects in:

  • human rights theory;
  • international justice theory/global ethics;
  • legal theory and legal interpretation;
  • international legal theory;
  • theories of toleration and neutrality;
  • religion, accommodation and liberal neutrality;
  • accounts of political and legal obligation;
  • judicial review, constitutionalism and democratic values; social distributive justice theory;
  • development theory;
  • accounts of legal differentiation;
  • penal justice theory;
  • theories of international law;
  • normative principles and the jurisprudence of the ECHR;
  • value theory and metaethics applied to political theory;
  • the work of John Rawls;
  • the work of Ronald Dworkin;
  • the political philosophy of Marx;
  • moral methodology and political philosophy (including ethical intuitionism, ordinary language approaches, reflective equilibrium and Dworkinian interpretivism);
  • human rights indicators and normative presuppositions.

Current work on human rights responsibility:

  • 'What is the outcomes view? Contemporary consequentialist theories of human rights'
  • 'Human rights or social justice? Rescuing human rights from the outcomes view'
  • 'Two (new) types of responsibility: contribution responsibility and agency responsibility'
  • 'Three (new) arguments against intuitionism...but where does that leave us?'
  • 'What is the role of imperfect duties in a moral theory?'
  • 'How to think about the problem of non-state actors'

Dr. Meckled-Garcia offers consultation on human rights standards and standard setting, educational initiatives, and research project design.

He has in the past advised NGO's on research project design, human rights institutes on project aims and focus, educational groups on human rights education programmes, and other university departments on human rights degree curriculum content.

Consultation is free to NGOs and the public sector, depending on the type of project.

  •  Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights
  • International Justice and Human Rights
  • Human Rights Methods and Research
  • PhD Syllabus

Dr. Meckled-Garcia is one of the two founders and directors of the UCL Institute for Human Rights.

The institute promotes human rights research, collaboration, teaching and events.

It has an internship programme for Masters students with research skills. One of the current projects interns have been involved in is the setting up of an international dataset for Economic and Social Human Rights Indicators. This is an ongoing project.

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