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Dr Julian Wucherpfennig

Lecturer in International Security and MSc Security Studies Programme Director 

julian Wucherpfennig
  • Name: Dr Julian Wucherpfennig
  • Position: Lecturer in International Security and MSc Security Studies Programme Director 
  • Room: G.04, 31 Tavistock Sq. 
  • Telephone:020 3108 9274
  • Email:
  • On sabbatical leave for Term 2, 2016/2017.


Dr Julian Wucherpfennig is Lecturer in International Security and Programme Director of the MSc Security Studies. He joined the Department of Political Science in September 2013. Prior to joining UCL he was a postdoctoral research fellow at ETH Zurich from where he holds a PhD (2011) and an MA (2008) in political science. Dr Wucherpfennig completed his bachelors at Jacobs University in Bremen. He has also been a Research Associate at the Gallup Organisation Europe.

He lectures on International Peace and Security, Foreign Policy Analysis, and Terrorism courses in the School of Public Policy.


Dr Wucherpfennig’s research focuses on how interaction between political actors affects political violence and conflict processes. At the level of theory, his work explores when, why and how competing preferences can lead to interdependent decision making and—as a result—to seemingly sub-optimal (inefficient) strategies and outcomes, including armed conflict, spoiler violence, or military arms races. Substantively, he is interested in actor constellations involving ethnic groups, networks of states, governments vs. armed non-state actors, inter-rebel competition, or transborder ethnic kin groups. He applies a similar perspective to problems of endogenous institutions, such as ethnic power sharing or democratization. Dr Wucherpfennig also takes a strong interest in quantitative methods, including spatial statistics and event history models. His work has been published in International Organization, World Politics and The Journal of Politics, among others. His PhD on ethnic conflict was awarded the ECPR Jean Blondel Prize.


Journal Articles

Cederman, Lars-Erik, Simon Hug, Andreas Schädel and Julian Wucherpfennig. 2015. "Territorial Autonomy in the Face of Conflict: Too Little, Too Late?" American Political Science Review. 109(2): 354--370.

Cederman, Lars-Erik, Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, Idean Salehyan and Julian Wucherpfennig. 2013. Transborder Ethnic Kin and Civil War. International Organization. 67(2): 389-410.
Replication Archive [Cederman et al 2013]

Wucherpfennig, Julian, Nils W. Metternich, Lars-Erik Cederman, and Kristian Skrede Gleditsch. 2012. Ethnicity, the State, and the Duration of Civil Wars. World Politics. 64(1): 79-115.
Replication Archive [Wucherpfennig et al 2012]
For NSA2EPR Data, see

Wucherpfennig, Julian, Nils B. Weidmann, Luc Girardin, Andreas Wimmer, and Lars-Erik Cederman. 2011. Politically Relevant Ethnic Groups across Space and Time: Introducing the GeoEPR Dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 28(5): 423-437.
For the GeoEPR Data, see

Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede, Julian Wucherpfennig, Simon Hug, and Karina Reigstad. 2011. Polygyny or Misogyny? Reexamining the ``First Law of Intergroup Conflict''. The Journal of Politics. 73 (1): 265-270.
Replication Archive gleditsch

Wucherpfennig, Julian. 2009. Dynamik von Bürgerkriegen: Infektion und/oder Addiktion? [Dynamics of Civil War: Infection and/or Addiction?]. Politische Vierteljahresschrift Sonderheft. 43: 496-520.

Wucherpfennig, Julian, and Franziska Deutsch. 2009. Modernization and Democracy: Theories and Evidence Revisited. Living Reviews in Democracy. Vol 1.

Book Chapters
  • Cederman, Lars-Erik, Luc Girardin and Julian Wucherpfennig. 2014 (forthcoming). Exploring Inequality and Ethnic Conflict: EPR-ETH and GROWup. In: Paul K. Huth, Jonathan Wilkenfeld and David A. Backer (eds.). Peace and Conflict 2014. London: Paradigm Publishers.
  • Welzel, Chris, Franziska Deutsch, and Julian Wucherpfennig. 2007. Civic Values and Value Change in Austria and Germany. In: Thorleif Petterson and Yilmaz Esmer (eds.). Changing Values, Persisting Cultures: Case Studies in Value Change. Leiden, Nl, and Boston, MA: Brill Publishers, pp. 199-218.

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