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Professor David Coen

Head of Department, Professor of Public Policy

David Coen

David Coen is Professor of Public Policy, Head of the Department of Political Science, Director of the School of Public Policy and founding Director of the Global Governance Institute at University College London.

Prior to joining UCL he held appointments at the London Business School and Max Planck Institute in Cologne. His PhD on business lobbying in the EU was awarded a distinction at the European University Institute in Florence. In 2008/09 he held the Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and in the past he has held visiting fellowships at the Centre for European Studies Harvard, Boston University, Nuffield College Oxford University, and Max Planck Institute, Bonn. In 2014/15 he will be a Distinguished Fellow at the EUI in Florence. He has held grants from Anglo-German Foundation, British Academy, European Union, UCL Research Challenges, Nuffield Foundation, and Fulbright Foundation.

Research Interests

His research seeks to understand EU Public Policy and Comparative European Political Economy. More specifically the research maps EU business lobbying strategies, EU regulatory networks and multilevel venue shopping. In 2014/2015 he is conducting a European Parliament Commissioned survey of Lobbying of MEPs.

He has explored lobbying from an actor and institutional perspective and has conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis of the changing EU public policy arena. His research explores lobbying from the supply side, looking at business perspectives to lobbying EU institutions and the structure of government affairs offices, in an attempt to assess how far firms have developed a distinct Brussels lobbying style has emerged over 20 years. In recent years his research has explored how different EU institutions and policies require different informational demands and therefore different interest group relationships, types and clusters.

The second research theme on EU Regulatory reform studies the emergence of European regulatory agencies in the Energy, Telecommunications and Securities sectors. Specifically the study explores how and why the European Commission, national governments and independent regulatory agencies have driven the creation of networks at the experience of European Regulators, their institutional character and their implications for regulatory governance in Europe. A second regulatory project co-directed with Professor Heritier at the European University Institute explores regulatory shopping in the EU base on a survey of business in 25 member states.


Books and Edited Volumes
  • Public Policy Post the Financial Crisis. With A Roberts (2012). Special Issue of Governance 24.1.
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Book projects in Progress
  • European Business Government Relations, Oxford University Press.
Refereed Articles
  • A Tarrent, Coen, D, and R Cadman (2014). “EU Regulatory Frameworks in Network Industries: Defining National Varieties of Capitalism?” European Networks Law & Regulation Quarterly.1.1:43-64.
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Chapters in books
  • "A Political Science Perspective to Business and Government" (2010) in Handbook of Business and Government, Oxford University Press.
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PhD and research supervision

He is interested projects on Lobbying and Business-government relations, EU public policy, EU Political Economy and Regulatory Co-ordination.

Current PhDs Students
  • Alexander Katsaitis. Interest Groups and Political Parties in the European Parliament.
  • John Paul Salter. The role of the private sector in shaping its regulatory environment: the case of financial sector policy in the EU
  • Antti-Ville Suni. Thesis. The Political Power of Frames – The Forging of a Single Energy Market’
  • Katharine Kieslich. The Policy Paradigms of Pharmaceutical Benefit Assessments: Empirical Insights from Germany and England
  • Mattia Vannoni. Comparative Political Economy and Interest Groups in EU Tobacco Legislation.
Defended UCL PhDs
  • Yuki Hamada. (Completed 2007). The Japanese Business Lobby in the EU. Currently working as a Policy Analyst, in Directorate for Public Governance at the OECD.
  • Andrew Tarrant. (Completed 2010). Empowering National Regulators and EU Agencies. Currently an Economic Policy Analyst for the Labour Party.
  • Maurice Wong: (completed 2010). How does the UK regulatory regime for derivatives compare to the structure of financial governance in China? Currently a Policy Analyst for the Economist.
  • Ta-Ching Shih. (Completed 2011).EU Competition Policy: The Consequence of Modernisation Reform for autonomy. Currently a Senior Civil Servant in Taiwanese Competition Ministry.
  • Susan Fuch. (Completed 2012).The Impact of Changing Context on Bargaining Strategies and Influence in Negotiations between Member States in International Organizations: The Case of the European Union Stability and Growth Pact Negotiations.

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