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Student Experiences

Former Postgraduate students discuss their experiences in studying at The School of Public Policy.

They discuss studying at SPP, the Policy Simulation exercise, the Research Methods course, dissertations and their future prospects.

Film duration: 10mins 10secs

In this video (in order of appearance)

  • Frederick Osemwenkh (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)
  • Ruba Samain (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)
  • Julia Baxter (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)
  • Cole Martin (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)
  • Sarah Shenker (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)
  • Leila Reid (Postgraduate Student, 2007-09, Part Time)
  • Ari Magnusson (Postgraduate Student, 2008-09)

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