Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Contact Details

Ms Clare Szembek
(Dept Coordinator Mon-Wed)

Ms Alex Lopez Alvarez
(Dept Coordinator Wed pm-Fri am)

tel 020 7679 3109;
internal extension X33109;

Dr Humberto Núñez-Faraco
(Head of Department)

tel: 020 7679 4332;
internal extension X34332;

Degree Programmes

For programmes offered by the Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, visit:

Some of these degree programmes offer the student an alternative to more traditional single-subject degrees and will appeal particularly to those who are more attracted by cultural studies, intellectual history and visual culture. We are interested above all in potential and offer a variety of teaching methods with approaches marked by their interdisciplinarity, and diverse forms of assessment including creative writing.