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Departmental Coordinators:
Ms Alex Lopez Alvarez
Ms Clare Szembek (Mon-Wed)
tel: 020 7679 3109
ext: 33109

Head of Department:
Dr Humberto Núñez-Faraco
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Course unit value: 0.5
Duration: Second term 2011
Day and Time: Mondays, 11.00am - 1.00pm
Venue: Room 112, Foster Court
Tutor: Dr David Rojinsky

Assessed by:
Exam: Two hour written examination (60%). Term 3, 2011.

Coursework: One piece of 2000-3000 words to be submitted no later than the first day of Term 3,  2011 (40%).


This course will explore the ways in which journeys in Latin America have been conceived in the region’s contemporary cinematic production, during a period of the region's insertion into neoliberal globalisation. Generic and aesthetic characteristics of the genre of the road movie will be identified and examined, as will their modification and hybridization by Latin American filmmakers in their distinct regional and industrial contexts.

Questions to be considered in the course of the term include: how has travel been organised and conceptualised in these films? To what extent is the journey experience 'counter-cultural' or 'counter-discursive', according to conventions of both the travel narrative and its filmic expression, the road movie? What are the ideologies of travel underpinning these journeys? How do aspects of cinematography and mise-en-scène depict transit and displacement? And, how do issues of class, ethnicity and gender intersect with the journey in contemporary Latin American cinema?

Primary texts

Y tu mamá también (Alfonso Cuarón, 2001)

Sin dejar huella (María Novaro, 2000)

El Norte (Gregory Nava, 1989)

El viaje (Fernando Solanas, 1992)

F/land (Jose Luis Marques, 2000)

Historias mínimas (Carlos Sorín, 2002)

La familia rodante (Pablo Trapero, 2004)

Schedule Spring Term 2011

Jan 10th - Intro
Jan 12th Screening of 'Y tu mamá'

Jan 17th: Seminar/Lecture on Y tu mamá

Jan 19th Screening of 'Sin dejar huella'

Jan 24th: Seminar/lecture on 'Sin dejar'

Jan 26th: screening of El norte

Feb 7th: Seminar/lecture on El norte

Feb 14th -20th reading week

Feb 21st : Intro to Argentinian film (lecture)

Feb 23rd screening of El viaje

Feb 28th seminar/lecture on El viaje

March 2nd F/land screening

March 7th F/land seminar/lecture

March 9th Historias mínimas screening

March 14th Historia mínimas seminar/lecture

March 16th la familia rodante screening

March 21st La familia rodante seminar/lecture

March 25th end of term

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