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Course unit value: 0.5cu/7.5 ECTS
Duration: First term
Day and Time:  Monday 9-11 am
Venue:  to be confirmed
Tutor: Dr Jo Evans

Description: This course examines developments in Spanish film-making during the Franco Regime. Lectures will be given on set texts during the first half of each term and there will be seminar discussion during the second half.

Assessment: 1 essay (40%) to be handed in on the last day of term, and a 2-hour exam (60%).

Students visiting UCL for the Autumn Term only will be assessed on the basis of the coursework essay.

Films: (subject to availability)

¡Bienvenido, Mr Marshall! (Berlanga, 1953)
Muerte de un ciclista (Bardem, 1955)
Viridiana (Buñuel,1961)
El verdugo (Berlanga, 1963)

La caza (Saura, 1965)
La prima Angélica (Saura, 1973)
El espiritu de la colmena (Erice, 1973)
Laberinto del fauno (del Toro, 2006) (comparative text)

Learning Outcomes:

Students who complete this course should be able to:
Demonstrate an awareness of cinematography in discussion and writing about film.
Appreciate and apply aspects of film theory to film analysis and appreciation.
Describe the development of the Spanish film of the period in relation to social and political context.
Explain the different strategies developed by the directors studied in response to social and political developments.
Explain the disadvantages and advantages of auteur theory and apply these to the directors studied.

Background reading list: