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Translating 'Live' Poetry: Contemporary European Poets

19 February 2013

 The School of European Languages, Culture and Society has teamed up with the AHRC, Poet in the City, Europe House and Bloomsbury Hotel to provide an exciting programme of events in London starting in the spring and lasting until the autumn. Seven poets from Peru, Hungary, Holland, France, Germany, the Faroe Islands and Italy, will be coming to London to read their poetry, SELCS staff and RAs will be translating their poems into English, and the poetry along with the translations will be published in a special commemorative volume. The programme is as follows:

4.00-5.00pm 5 March 2013 (UCL, Pearson North Entrance, G17): Induction workshop for RAs

6.30-8.00pm, Friday 8 March 2013 (UCL, Room 307 Foster Court): a reading by Peruvian poet, Carlos Henderson, with translations by Stephen Hart

1.00-3.00pm 14 March 2013 (UCL, Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre): Training workshop for RAs on translation and event management led by Graham Henderson and Stephen Hart

2.00-5.00pm 8 April 2013 (UCL, Foster Court 243): Art of Translation seminar led by Sasha Dugdale from Modern Poetry in Translation

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 18 April 2013 (Europe House): a reading by Hungarian poet, Krisztina Toth

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 30 May 2013 (Europe House): a reading by Dutch poet, Ester Naomi Perquin

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 13 June 2013 (Europe House): a reading by French poet, Pierre Alferi

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 19 September 2013 (Europe House): a reading by German poet, Jose Oliver

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 24 October 2013 (Europe House): a reading by Faroese poet, Sissal Kampmann (TBC)

6.30-8.00pm Thursday 28 November 2013 (Europe House): a reading by Italian poet, Elena Buia

For further information please contact Professor Stephen M. Hart at