Geospatial Seminar Series: Demographic Prediction based on Traffic Smart Card Data

30 October 2017

On the 19th of October 2017, UCL SpaceTimeLab held the first Geospatial Research Seminar in this term at Roberts Building 106. This talk was about ‘Demographic Prediction based on Traffic Smart Card Data’, given by the PhD student Yang Zhang in SpaceTimeLab. A summary of this presentation is given below:

Geo-demography is the study of people based on where they live, building a picture of the population characteristics (such as age, gender, income level, occupation) in different areas. Traditionally, the collection of massive geodemographic information through survey, such as census, has been a labour-intensive undertaking. With the wide usage of public transit in our daily life, traffic smart card data are routinely available, offering the prospects of developing appropriate levels of geodemographic data access. As many works have reported that human travel pattern is intertwined with highly personal behaviours and socio-demographic factors, this presentation introduced some methods to infer people’s demographics by using smart card data.

Geospatail Seminar - Yang Zhang 2017

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