Big Data for Intelligent Policing

8 June 2016

This month, the EPSRC funded Crime, Policing and Citizenship (CPC) – Space-Time Interactions of Dynamic Networks - project (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/cpc/), led by SpaceTimeLab's Prof Tao Cheng, will reach completion. CPC has been a major multidisciplinary collaboration of geoinformatics, crime science, computer science and geography at UCL, in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service. The aim of the project was to develop new methods and applications in space-time analytics
and emergent network complexity, in order to uncover patterning and interactions in crime, policing and citizen perceptions. The work carried out during the project will help inform policing at a range of scales, from the local to the city-wide,
with the goal of reducing both crime and the fear of crime. To mark the completion of the project, the team have produced a report on Intelligent Policing and Big Data, which can be downloaded at the link below:

CPC: Crime, Policing and Citizenship, Intelligent Policing and Big Data

To cite this report: Cheng T, Bowers K, Longley P, Shawe-Taylor J, Davies T, Rosser G, Wise S, Gale C, Adepeju M, Shen J, Chen H, Williams D, Kempińska K and Skarlatidou A (2016). CPC: Crime, Policing and Citizenship – Intelligent policing and big data. UCL SpaceTimeLab: London.

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