Geospatial Seminar Series - Visualisation of traffic in space-time

2 December 2013

4:30pm, Tuesday 3rd December, G07, Pearson Building, UCL

This Tuesday, Garavig Tanaksaranond of SpaceTimeLab will be presenting her work on space-time visualisation of traffic data that she has carried out as part of her PhD studies. All welcome.


Visualisation of traffic in space-time.


Visualisation is an effective tool for studying traffic congestion using massive traffic datasets collected from traffic sensors. Existing techniques can reveal where/when congested areas are formed, developed, and moved on one or several highway roads, but it is still challenging to visualise the evolution of traffic congestion on the whole road network, especially on dense urban networks. To address this challenge, this thesis proposes various visualisation techniques: the wall map, the isosurface, and the network constrained isosurface.

This presentation will explain how the visualisation techniques were developed and how the massive amounts of traffic data were organised to improve multidimensional query response time. The development of Graphic User Interface (GUI), which allows users to interact with the traffic data and also to manipulate the visualisation, will be also explained.

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