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The World Solar Challenge is a solar powered car race that takes place every other year, and occurs this year during October 2013. The race is located in Australia through the outback and challenges teams to travel from Darwin to Adelaide – a 3000km journey from the north of the continent to the south. The only sources of energy that can be utilised are that of the sun and through regenerative braking. The teams consist of universities from all parts of the globe. Each team’s car must successfully pass the scrutineering process to be able to race. Scrutineering consists of inspections on the car to ensure it is safe to drive on the road. Checks will also be made to make sure the car complies with the WSC regulations.

Outback Australia

Once the teams depart from Darwin, they must travel as far as they can until 5pm at which point they must stop and make camp where ever they have reached in the outback desert.

Australia Map1

The map shows the route of the race which consists of several mandatory check points. The teams may update themselves at these check points with the latest information on the weather and their own position in the field.

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