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UCL Team SolarFox 2012/13

Team SolarFox are involved in the design of development of UCL Mechanical Engineering’s latest solar car, ‘SolarFox 4’.

Their objective is to promote the use of renewable energy by building a racing car that is powered only by the sun. Currently, Team Solarfox is developing the vehicle to optimise the design and ensure that it is ready for manufacture.

It will be competing in either the 2015 or 2017 World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Australia. At this event, Team SolarFox will represent UCL as they compete against the best technical universities from around the world in a 3000km race across Australia. An important regulation change that has been made for the 2013 race is the requirement for four wheels.

Solarfox home

SolarFox 3 is situated within the Mechanical Engineering department’s workshops, in the UCL campus in the heart of central London. The car has been designed, built and developed by a strong team consisting of Mechanical Engineering students, academic personnel, workshop technicians and professional consultants.