Information for Overseas Students

We welcome applications to our MPhil/PhD courses from overseas students, and we are proud to have students from all over the world studying in our department.

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How to Apply

Overseas students wishing to apply should complete a graduate application form and return it to the UCL Admissions Office in the Registry. The application can be completed on-line using the following link.

Please state on your application form which research projects interest you and your reasons for pursuing a PhD, be sure to also state the supervisors you are interested in working with.

Approximate Costs

The approximate costs of studying for a PhD in this department are as follows. Tuition fees £16,670 per year (2009/10 rate); bench fees (to cover your lab consumables) from £0 to £10,000 per year depending on the nature of your project; living costs of minimum £9,600 per year for a single student.

Students intending to fund their own studies should consider the full costs of doing so, as unfortunately the College is unable to support partly-funded students or those whose funding runs out prior to completing the course.

Scholarships available to Overseas Students

UCL offers several scholarships to qualified overseas students.

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